20 Best Handwriting Fonts to Stand Out from the Crowd

Are you tired of sterile, humdrum typography that’s overused and uninspired? Designers are always looking for ways to capture their audience’s eye while conveying emotion and building a connection. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a unique and appealing handwriting font that speaks to your target demographic. 

Handwritten fonts add a sense of whimsy, personalization, and “human” element to a wide variety of marketing products. Plus, they are striking to look at, which makes them a great tool for increasing the visibility of your marketing materials and increasing brand recognition.

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Globally recognized brands like Oscar de la Renta, Mrs Fields, and Marshall all use handwritten fonts in their logos and other marketing materials to add personality and flair to their visual identity.

The key to successfully implementing this design choice is to select a hand writing font that not only looks good, but compliments your brand personality and evokes the desired response from your target market.

Today we’ll be sharing popular handwritten fonts and discussing what makes them unique, compelling, or beneficial for branding use. Whether you decide to use a handwriting font from our list or one of your own choosing, we’re confident that the decision to incorporate this distinct form of typography will boost your brand to new heights.

Using Procreate on a Ipad to create handwriting font

The 20 Best Handwriting Fonts For Your Next Design Project

  1.  Petit Formal Script

This elegant, rounded font is feminine without being overly ornate. It is ideal for wedding photographers, beauty brands, or any company that primarily targets women. 

  1. Saturday Script

Saturday Script is a brush font that’s both casual and imaginative. We think its unisex appeal and dynamic style make it one of the best handwritten fonts for creative brands, such as photographers, art studios, or jewelry designers.

  1. Anderfont

If you are drawn to stylish, signature scripts, Anderfont will likely suit your taste. This popular handwritten font has a slightly more masculine appearance and is great for adding an authentic feel to any brand.

  1. Antura Script

Classic, decorative, and glamorous. This handwriting font is an exemplary choice for fine dining restaurants, luxury clothing brands, or any other provider of high-end products or services.

  1. Michigan Signature

This isn’t your average cursive script. Michigan Signature is refined and reserved, yet still distinguishable. It conveys maturity and composure. Ideal for companies such as craft distilleries, men’s hair care, or artisan food products.

  1. Pure Heart

A realistic handwriting font that truly appears as if it were painted by hand onto the page. This is the ideal choice for brands looking to invoke feelings of fearlessness, tenacity, or grit.

  1. Slowly Life

Youthful and good-natured. This is a simplistic font with a playful spin. Great for businesses marketing to children or for lifestyle brands wanting to maintain a warm, inviting vibe.

  1. Outdoors Inks

A smooth vintage font with ligatures and swashes that add extra character. Ideally suited for coffee brands, travel companies, or adventure and thrill-seekers in general.

  1. Inters

Inters is arguably the best handwriting font for astrologers, alternative healing practitioners, or any other business that values a spiritual, soothing aesthetic. This font flows effortlessly while still being thick enough to remain highly legible.

  1. Cutedrop

Modest and adorable. Cutedrop is actually a pair of fonts — a simpler, all-caps brush variation and a more curvy script. Together, the fonts make an excellent choice for brands seeking a sweet, inviting look and feel.

  1. Barcelona Regular

One of the best free handwriting fonts available on the web. This font is highly versatile and brings a ton of personality to any design. Great for restaurants, tourism-based businesses, and entertainment venues.

  1. Wishbone Tea

A cheery, down-to-earth handwriting font that’s a perfect match for organic food brands, eco-friendly retail shops, or local cafes.

  1. Shanghai Signature

This stunning and sophisticated calligraphy font is a fine choice for wedding photographers, fashion designers, and other high-end, artistic brands. It instantly adds a poetic, contemporary air to any design.

  1. Hatshows Signature

A dignified, gender-neutral handwriting font that enhances a broad range of designs. A superior choice when a suave and smooth first impression is the ultimate goal.

  1. Starlit Drive Signature

An electrifying, 80s-inspired handwriting font to jazz up your marketing materials and appeal to young and trendy target audiences. 

  1. Switzerland

A tall, homey font with a mellow feel. The narrow spacing between each letter and unique curves at the bottom of certain letters give this typeface a comforting effect that can benefit a wide range of brand personalities.

  1. Twigs

An artsy scribble font that’s equal parts earthy and sensitive. Ideal for musicians, pottery makers, or any business rooted in creativity.

  1. Scratchy Erratic Handwritten

A disorderly yet endearing font with a truly realistic appearance. Ideal for quotes, letters, or other elements that could benefit from natural and tender written elements.

  1. Jelly Cream

This darling font is ultra-cutesy. Great for bakeries, children’s clothing brands, or kids retail stores. 

  1. Saintley

A nice handwritten font that’s both chic and charming. An excellent choice for brands hoping to achieve an easy-going, yet elegant aesthetic.

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