Sports Program Printing Tips

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Sports programs play an important role in any sporting event. They provide fans with key information about the teams, players, venue and the game itself. Not only that, but they serve as a keepsake, preserving memories of the event for coming years. Whether you are an event organizer, coach, or simply a sports enthusiast, knowing how to design an informative and visually appealing sports program is essential. Here are Printivity’s sports program printing tips to help you produce a captivating program people will want to hold onto for years to come.

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Understand your audience

Understanding your target audience is the key to producing a successful sports program. Consider things such as the age range, preferences, and level of sports knowledge your audience is likely to have. The event may be catering toward families and children, middle aged males, etc. Incorporate engaging visuals and information tailored to the specific groups that will best resonate. Families and children may need more simplified information than say a thirty year old sports enthusiast. If your audience consists of mainly diehard fans, you can focus on more detailed player statistics and team history.

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Choose your format

The format you choose for your sports program will play a significant role in its success and appeal. Opt for a size that is convenient for fans to carry as well as visually appealing. People aren’t going to want to carry around giant print outs all during the game. Common sizes for sports programs include 8.5” x 11” or smaller pocket sizes such as 5.5” x 8.5” or 5” x 7”. The great thing about printing your own sports programs is that you can choose any format and sizing that you want. Once you have nailed down the sizing, think about the material you want to use. Consider opting for a higher quality paper to ensure your programs last and give a professional look and feel. Printivity offers a variety of sizing and material options, including the popular pocket sizes and both gloss and matte cover options.

Design an eye-catching cover

The cover is the first thing anyone will notice, so take your time when it comes to designing this. The key is to make it captivating enough to draw someone’s attention and make them want to open it up and read more. Feature a high-resolution quality photo of a key player or moment from a previous game that you know will grab fans attention. Add some bold and visually pleasing font for the event name and date so people know exactly what the program is about with just a glance. The cover sets the tone and first impression for the program, so use this opportunity wisely.

Organize your layout

Once you have gotten your audience’s attention with the cover, make sure you are able to hold onto it with a well organized layout within the program. Ease of navigation is key here. Use clear headlines, subheadings and bullet points to ensure information is easy to read and digest. Keeping essential details such as the team roster, player profiles and game schedules easily accessible will make your sports program that much more successful. 

Highlight player profiles and team history

A great way to highlight all players is by including individual player profiles. Information such as player names, position, statistics and a short bio are all great things to include to help fans get to know the team. Provide a brief history of the team’s achievements and milestones as well to help form an emotional connection between the audience and the players.

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Include engaging visuals

As with any print project, don’t include elements just to include them and take up space. Be thoughtful and intentional with what you incorporate, especially when it comes to images. Use high-quality images that capture the spirit and excitement of the sport and team. Action shots and candid moments are great visuals to include in your sports program. As a best practice, ensure all images are at least 300 dpi to ensure the best quality print.

Collaborate with sponsors

Sports programs present a great opportunity for sponsorships with local businesses. Collaborate with local establishments or sponsors and include their logos and advertisements in your programs. This is a great way to spread the word about the businesses and also bring in some extra money for your team. The key with sponsorships is to make sure they are not overwhelming the entire program. Keep them as minimal as you can while still providing ample real estate within the design.

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Promote merchandise and concessions

One final thing you can include is any merchandise or concessions available for purchase. Highlight special offers, discounts, or limited-edition merch that fans can purchase at the event. If you don’t have anything like this going on, you can opt to forgo this and fill the space with something else or create a smaller program. 

Proofread your program

Once you have finalized your sports program content and design, make sure you proofread everything yourself as well as get a second set of eyes to look it over. Errors can be distracting and unprofessional so you want to take measures to make sure you print a polished and error free program for your event. Always enlist a pair of fresh eyes to catch mistakes you may have overlooked.

A well-designed sports program can add to the overall experience of the event. By understanding your audience and crafting a thoughtful sports program tailored to the event, you can create a keepsake for fans to hold on to and remember long after the event has ended. Attention to detail and creativity are key to printing a great sports program.   

Printing with Printivity

Printivity is here to help bring your sports program to life. Whether you are ready to get started printing or you have any design questions, we have experts that are ready to jump into your project and help you kick it off. With a variety of options, you can bring your vision to life with special finishes, custom sizes and more. Have some questions about your design or the process? Contact us at 1-877-649-5463. 


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