How Bookmark Printing Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Person reading a book with a custom bookmark text to them

Have you ever considered the untapped potential of bookmark printing as a marketing tool? 

While it seems as though everyone is glued to their screens, it can be easy to overlook the power of a physical, branded item that frequents the daily lives of your audience. 

Custom bookmarks are not just for avid readers; they are a creative, cost-effective way to keep your brand in your customers’ minds and in their hands.

In this guide, we’ll explore how creating branded bookmark printing can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

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Benefits of Print Bookmarks

Bookmarks are not just placeholders in a story; they’re a gateway to a more personal and impactful connection with your audience. Their practicality and familiarity make them more than just an accessory for readers. Here’s why bookmark printing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Reinforces Brand Retention

A bookmark is not just a marker but a silent ambassador for your brand. Every time a reader opens their book, your logo and message greet them. This repeated exposure solidifies your brand in their memory, making it more likely they’ll think of you when they need your services. Moreover, printable bookmarks offer a flexible way to adapt your promotional content for different audiences or seasons. This tangible marketing tool stands out in the digital world, providing a refreshing change from the clutter of online ads and emails.

Ideal for Gifting

Bookmarks are perfect for giveaways at events, conferences, or in your store. They’re practical, lightweight, and can be a thoughtful gift, especially when tailored to your audience’s interests. The option to print bookmarks on demand allows for quick customization for specific events or themes. As a cost-effective brand exposure tool, bookmarks let you distribute your brand widely without straining your budget.


The beauty of bookmarks lies in their versatility. They can be used as mini-flyers, event reminders, or even discount coupons. This adaptability makes them suitable for various marketing strategies. Utilizing printed bookmarks in your marketing campaign adds a tangible and memorable aspect to your brand outreach. Their versatility in design, messaging, and distribution makes them a dynamic tool that can be tailored to fit any marketing goal.

Easy to Design

Creating a stunning bookmark doesn’t require complex design skills. With basic design elements and a clear message, you can craft an effective marketing tool that appeals to a broad audience. The ability to print custom bookmarks offers endless creative possibilities to make your marketing stand out.

Generate Actionable Insights

With online convenience, ordering custom bookmarks from Printivity is a seamless process, and you can easily include tracking mechanisms like QR codes for measuring the success of your campaign.

Options for Custom-Printed Bookmarks

Custom-printed bookmarks present a diverse range of choices to elevate your brand’s visibility. Consider these key features when designing your unique bookmark to ensure it captures attention.


From standard-sized to long and slender, the size of your bookmark can be tailored to suit your design and message, ensuring it stands out. When considering the size, remember that a print bookmark service can provide various options to fit your promotional needs perfectly.


Vibrant colors can make your bookmark pop, while a more subdued palette can convey elegance and professionalism. The choice of color can significantly impact the appeal of your bookmark. Additionally, printable bookmarks allow for a wide spectrum of color choices to match your brand’s aesthetic.


Glossy, matte, or uncoated finishes protect your bookmark and add a tactile dimension to your branding, enhancing the user experience. When choosing your bookmarks to print, a coating will affect the overall look and tactile presentation.

1 Sided or 2 Sided

Choose between single or double-sided printing. Use both sides for a detailed message, or keep it simple with a single-sided design. This flexibility is one of the many advantages of bookmark printing, offering a range of options to suit your marketing strategy.

Finishing Details

Add unique touches like tassels, die cuts, or embossed elements to make your bookmark stand out.

Turnaround Time

Consider the production and delivery time to ensure your bookmarks are ready when needed. Efficient print bookmark services can often accommodate tight deadlines, ensuring your marketing materials are delivered on time.

Design Tips for Printable Bookmarks

Creating a standout bookmark for your marketing lineup requires more than just an appealing design. Here are some crucial tips to ensure your bookmark looks great and effectively conveys your message.

Establish the Goal

Before diving into the design process, establish a clear goal for your bookmark. This goal will guide the design and ensure your bookmark aligns with your broader marketing objectives. Consider the message you want to convey and how it can be effectively communicated through the bookmark’s design.

Use High-Resolution Images

High-quality images ensure your bookmarks look professional and capture attention.

Include Essential Information

Given the limited space on a bookmark, it’s crucial to include only essential information. Ensure your design clearly communicates your brand name and contact information without cluttering the space.

Pick a Classic Script Font

A timeless font enhances readability and adds a sophisticated touch to your bookmark. Remember, the font should complement your brand’s image and the overall design of the bookmark.

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Keep Size and Layout in Mind

The size and layout of your bookmark should accommodate your message and design elements. Standard dimensions range from 1.5″ x 6″ to 2″ x 9″, but custom sizes can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Only Use One Side for Business Info

Keep your bookmark clutter-free by dedicating one side to business information and the other to engaging visuals.

Consider Leaving White Space

A design incorporating ample white space can be effective, especially since bookmarks primarily mark places in a book. Ensure your main message is bold and eye-catching but not overwhelming.

Opt for Sturdy and High-Quality Paper

Higher quality paper, such as 14pt or 16pt card stock, ensures your bookmarks are durable and professional-looking. High-quality paper demonstrates your investment in your marketing materials and, by extension, your potential clients.

An effective bookmark design harmonizes aesthetics, clarity, and quality. Adhering to these tips enables you to craft a bookmark that gets attention and conveys your brand’s message with impact.

Bookmark Printing FAQs

Let’s address some common questions about bookmark printing to help you make informed decisions for your marketing campaign.

What Is the Best Size for Bookmarks?

While standard bookmark sizes like 2″ x 6″, 2″ x 7″, and 2.5″ x 8″ are popular for their versatility, we can also accommodate custom sizes to suit your specific needs. Choosing the right size is crucial, as it can impact the visibility and usability of your bookmark.

What Materials Can I Choose From for My Bookmarks?

We offer a wide array of materials for your bookmarks, including 100 lb Cover gloss or matte paper stocks, 14pt or 16 pt cardstock, and 10 mil synthetic options. The choice of material can significantly affect the look and feel of your bookmarks, aligning with your design and budget requirements.

Is Double-Sided Printing Available for Bookmarks?

Yes, we offer both single-sided and double-sided printing for bookmarks. Double-sided printing is an excellent choice for including additional information or creative designs on the back, maximizing the space for your branding or messaging.

Can I Order Bookmarks with Rounded Corners?

Certainly! Rounded corners are an additional customization option we provide. They give your bookmarks a distinctive and polished look, setting them apart from traditional designs.

What Is the Best Finish for Bookmarks?

Your bookmark’s finish should complement your design and its intended purpose. A glossy finish is perfect for vibrant colors, making your design pop, while a matte finish offers a more understated and elegant appearance.

What Is the Minimum Quantity I Can Order?

Our minimum quantity for orders varies, but we often accommodate low-volume orders. This flexibility allows you to start with a smaller batch and scale up as your needs grow, making it a practical choice for businesses of all sizes.

What File Formats Are Accepted for Uploading My Design?

We accept a variety of file formats for your bookmark designs, including PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG, AI, and PSD. Ensuring your design meets the recommended specifications for optimal print quality is essential.

Get Custom-Printed Bookmarks at Printivity

Bookmarks are a unique, effective way to keep your brand in the hands of your audience. Ideal for business promotion, educational purposes, and audience engagement, our bookmarks create a tangible and lasting connection. Our design and print services make creating impactful bookmarks effortless, regardless of your design experience.

At Printivity, we simplify the design process. Our expert team guides you through creating visually appealing bookmarks that reflect your brand’s essence. With a focus on quality, we meticulously review your files, providing digital proofs and the best options for your project.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We promise a free reprint or a full refund if your bookmarks don’t meet your expectations. This commitment ensures that you receive products that perfectly align with your vision.

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Our bookmarks are tailored to your needs. From business branding to educational tools, our materials and designs cater to diverse requirements. With full-bleed and color printing, your message stays vibrant and engaging. Plus, you benefit from our fast turnarounds and competitive pricing.

Need more than bookmarks? Our team can assist with various graphic design projects, including funeral program layouts. Contact us for a quote and let Printivity’s comprehensive services bring your creative ideas to life.

Contact Printivity today and discover the impact of our custom-printed bookmarks and extensive design expertise on your brand’s visibility. Let’s get printing! 


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