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Sports programs are essential for any team. They offer vital information that can help provide context and clarity to the fans, and they also serve as a memento from the team’s season or specific game. If you want to ensure that your next sports program covers all the bases, then take a look at this sports program printing guide for all you need to know.

What to Include in Sports Printed Program

There’s plenty to consider when printing programs. If you want yours to offer as much value to your team’s fans as possible, make sure to include all of the following aspects.

Cover Page With Team Logo

Identify the significance of your program loud and clear with the team logo on the cover. You can also include other images, but starting off strong with a picture that best represents the organization is important. 

Team Roster With Player Names and Numbers

Including a full team roster that lists all players and their numbers has the practical purpose of providing easy identification, and it also serves to honor the contributions of every team member. 

Player Profiles and Statistics

Every game will be significantly more enjoyable for the fans if you provide a little context about the players they’re watching by offering their backgrounds and statistics. 

Game Schedule With Dates, Times, and Locations

This may be the most critical aspect of your game day program. Provide an easy guide to when and where every game of the season is taking place so that the fans can be there to support in full force.

Coach and Staff Information

The players may be putting on the show, but plenty of hard work is going on behind the scenes that deserves acknowledgment, too. Include a detailed list of all the coaches and staff members who work to make the onfield product what it is. 

Brief History or Background of the Team

The diehards already have a pretty good grasp of your team’s history, but plenty of people out there may become dedicated supporters if you can give them some historical context about your team. 

Feature Articles or Player Spotlights

Add some human interest and offer more profound insight into the team’s inner workings by providing stories that cover either the team as a whole or a specific player with a unique story to tell. 

Sponsorships and Advertisements:

Dedicate some pages strictly to acknowledging your team’s sponsor, and work to offset those program printing costs by running some advertisements in them.

Venue Map or Directions

Your home field is as much a part of your team as anything else. Including it in your sports program is vital to highlight it as a team icon and provide useful information to fans about its layout and location.

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Thank-You Notes and Acknowledgements

Taking the time to show your organization’s gratitude for all of those who have contributed to your team’s success is a perfect way to close out your sports program. 

Contact Information and Social Media Links

Let fans know how to contact your organization and give them a chance to connect further by following your team on social media. Including some info about what is shared on your social media accounts is also a good idea.

Any Additional Event-Specific Information or Content

If your program is for a specific event, you should include any helpful information about that event, like start time, halftime show performers, information about the opponent, and more.  

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How To Create a Sports Program Booklet With Printivity

Sports printing can be much simpler when you do it through Printivity. Here’s a quick guide to getting your programs printed with us. 

Gather Necessary Materials

Ensure you have all the information and images you’ll need before you start your sports program printing. You don’t want to go through multiple steps only to backtrack after realizing you left something out.

Determine the Size and Format

Bigger programs (8.5 x 11 inches is fairly standard) can be eye-catching and easy to read, but if they’re too big, they may be unwieldy. Smaller programs (5.5 x 8.5 inches or less) are more convenient and affordable, but you may struggle to fit everything you want in them. 

Design the Layout

A well-designed, flowing layout can make your program more readable and easier to navigate. You should carefully consider what yours looks like and possibly even bring in a graphic designer to help you do it.

Prepare Files for Printing

Organize all of the necessary files together and ensure they’re in the proper format and size. You should also flatten your documents so that you can maintain any special fonts as they are. If our system does not recognize a font, it will automatically replace it.

Select Paper Type and Finish

The type of paper you use and the finish you choose can make a big difference in the quality of your finished product. That is where “what is the best paper for a sports program printing” comes into play. Of course, program printing costs money. If you choose the better paper, the price will increase, so you must do your best to strike a comfortable balance. 

Determine Your Quantity

The number of programs you need depends on many variables, so you’ll have to crunch some numbers during this step. Things are a bit simpler when printing programs for a single game, but you’ll need to be careful not to undershoot or significantly overbuy for a season program.

Review Proofs

You might be amazed at how many times you can look over your work with sports program printing and still miss typos and other errors. That’s why having multiple people review your proofs carefully is critical. You don’t want something that isn’t fit to be handed out when it comes to program printing.

Approve the Final Design:

Once you’ve carefully reviewed your proofs to ensure everything is exactly how you want, you can approve the final design and print your programs.

8 Sports Program Printing Design Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you create your sports program.

  1. Clear and Organized Layout

Cluttered and chaotic layouts can be an eyesore, and they can prevent your team’s fans from being able to locate the information they need.

  1. Eye-Catching Cover Design

Draw the attention of those who might not be interested in opening your program by presenting them with a memorable cover that relays its purpose.

  1. Team Colors and Branding

Your program’s aesthetic should be based on the team’s colors, logos, mascots, history, and culture. Maintaining this theme will make it engaging and cohesive. 

  1. High-Quality Imagery and Photos

Photos help bring some variety, break up the text in your program, and provide visuals for the fans. Make sure you don’t diminish these extraordinary benefits by including low-quality graphics or photos. 

  1. Emphasis on Player Profiles and Statistics

The central focus of your program is the team itself, so give your readers insight into that team by providing them with information, both statistical and biographical, about the key players. 

  1. Strategic Ad Placement

Your advertising will be far more effective if it’s not hidden in the back of the program. Placing ads in eye-catching, colorful, or significant sections will draw extra attention. 

  1. Attention to Font Sizes and Styles

Small or particularly ornate fonts can be nearly unreadable for some. Make sure to opt for clarity over style. 

  1. Effective Use of Contrasting Colors

Using contrasting colors in your program can help draw attention to specific sections and help guide the reader’s eye. For example, you can use a bright color on the most important part of a page, with less bright colors for the less important info.

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Print Your Sports Program With Printivity

Wondering where to get programs printed? Use printing services from Printivity and easily create high-quality, fairly-priced game day programs. We also offer many more services like flyer printing, posters, and more that can help you promote your team’s events.  

We have you covered from custom youth sports game day programs to high school sports game day programs. Take a look at our site or contact us today to learn more.


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