What To Know About Printing Custom Spiral Bound Books

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Last updated on May 20th, 2022 at 04:36 pm

Customers often come to Printivity looking to print a book that is more customized than the “standard” spiral bound. Our customer service team is always thrilled to get quotes for custom spiral bound books.

Today I’m going to talk about what you should know before you get a quote and place an order for custom spiral bound books.

First, what’s a “standard” spiral bound book?

Standard spiral bound books are typically in common dimensions.  The most popular dimensions for standard spiral bound books are 8.5×11”, 8.5×5.5”, and 6×9”. After all, these are the standard dimensions for other kinds of printing and books.

Standard spiral bound books bound by black plastic coils. Black coils are the “standard” coil option for spirals because they are simple and professional. They look great in books ranging from simple black & white technical manuals to thick, color catalogs for interior designers.

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Options for custom spiral bound books at Printivity

Custom Dimensions. Spirals are one of the binding options that are easiest to customize in size. Whether you’re looking for mini spiral bound books or oversized spiral bound books, our spiral binding equipment can support most dimensions. We actually have many standard spiral sizes, and our spiral binding bound book page lets all customers choose unique custom dimensions.

Custom Color Spirals. We have many colors of coil for spiral binding, whether you’re looking for white, transparent, or a color to match your brand. Custom color spirals can be used to great effect if you’re designing books that are more artistic or bolder in presentation. Having a unique color in your spiral definitely catches people’s attention.

Binding on different edges, aka “Landscape Spiral” vs “Portrait Spiral”. Just as custom dimension spirals are convenient to produce, it is also convenient to produce spirals in different orientations. (By contrast, binding different orientations on saddle-stitch/perfect books can be more challenging and require the use of our specialized machinery). Not so with spirals—spirals are easy to re-orient. Just make sure to let your customer service representative know which edge you want it bound on.

Binding orientation is clearly stated when ordering Spiral Bound booklets from Printivity.com. Let’s say you’re ordering a portrait 8.5” x 11” booklet, the binding will be on the long edge (11”). When ordering landscape, the binding will be on the short edge (8.5”). Be sure to choose the correct orientation to avoid any delays or issues.

Get a quote for custom spiral bound books from Printivity

We actually offer many types of spiral bound book printing by default, so we recommend you first check out our Spiral Binding Booklet product page to see if we have what you want. That will save you time in getting a response to your quote.

If we don’t have what you want or you have some questions about spiral bound book customizations, no worries! Just send a quote request, and one of our customer service representatives will respond shortly.


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