Four Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Your Brand

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Last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 01:47 pm

Branding is an investment that creates an essential foundation and roadmap for your company. It should not be considered a marketing cost. When you brand correctly from the beginning, your company will have the potential to yield high return on investments.

Investing in your brand is the soundest decision your company will make. Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. It goes beyond your business name and logo. Your brand encompasses how consumers perceive your products and services. Branding includes the sum total of the emotional, logical, and visual images that consumers associate with your products and services.

Your company’s brand identity includes logos, names, colors, typography, tone, and messaging that consumers receive from the product or thing. Brand identity includes the visible elements that distinguish your brand from your competitors. Brand identity is how consumers will recognize your brand.

Brand recognition and awareness are important in building credibility with consumers. Once consumers start recognizing your brand, they’ll know what type and quality of work to expect. Fulfilling the needs of your clients and consistently delivering high caliber products will create a positive, lasting impression with consumers. Your brand will build credibility. Once you have clients who are confident in your brand, you will earn their loyalty to your brand as well. Loyalty to your brand will go beyond the products you sell.

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Consumers Will Build a Relationship with Your Brand

Your company should have a strong vision, including a clearly articulated vision statement and mission statement. Your core values should be clearly defined and communicated to your clients. Your company’s systems, structures, and processes should align with your core ideology. This internal consistency is likely to create a strong, positive brand reputation.

In structuring your core ideology, think of what is meaningful to your company.

Emphasizing both emotional and rational values of your brand will resonate with a broader customer base. Give your clients a reason to choose your company over your competition. As a business owner, you should be aware of competitors in your market. Tell your clients why they should buy from you instead of your competition. As consumers become more familiar with the story your brand tells, your clients will see your company for more than the products and services you sell.

In a world with hundreds of competitors, differentiating your brand is the key to success. Once you find your company has a distinctive foothold in the market, you can increase your company’s equity. With a strong brand, it is easier to penetrate any market you choose.

When people form a connection with your story and consistently receive quality products and service, your company will likely earn their loyalty. They will continue to support your business because your brand appeals to them. 

Premium Prices Will Yield Greater Profits

Companies have found this longstanding proverb to be true: “People don’t buy products, they buy brands.” Brand perception is a huge price driver. Brands that are trusted and have good reputations are more likely to be chosen over their competitors. Your brand sets the foundation for the growth and profitability of your company. Investing in your brand enables your company to increase profits over time by charging higher prices. With a solid branding strategy, people who believe in your brand and understand its value will gladly pay a premium price.

When you build a brand that is both visually and conceptually strong, you will gain an advantage over your competition. People will start to recognize and prefer your brand over others, especially if you become the industry expert. If your brand story is authentic and resonates with the public, this will justify your brand’s value.

Reduce the Cost of Marketing

Powerful branding lays the groundwork for the course of your company’s development. It is easier to promote a strong brand and achieve favorable results. Without a strong brand, any money you funnel into marketing will be wasted.

In order to grow your company, your branding and marketing efforts must coexist in harmony in order to improve your positioning. The more consistent you are in building your brand, the easier it will be to guide your marketing efforts. Your brand should have a specific values, tone, imagery, and an overall identity that is easy for people to recognize. Once your brand is well-defined, you can later use it as guidelines for other marketing efforts. Your marketing channels should be consistent in conveying the same brand image. Inconsistencies are dangerous because you run the risk of confusing your audience or ruining your brand image.

Branding should be considered an investment, not another marketing cost. When your brand is aligned from the start, your branding strategy will pave the way for marketing, advertising, and development. Thus, with a strong brand, you are reducing the cost of marketing. Every subsequent marketing campaign should reflect your brand’s core ideology. Marketing costs for familiar brands are lower since people already know about the company and do not need to be informed about the company and its products and services.

Increase Company Value

The perception others have of your brand will determine the behavior of your clients and ultimately, the financial success of your company. Brand equity refers to the idea that companies can generate higher premiums on products with well-known brand names versus generic equivalents. Brand equity is essentially the perceived value of your brand based on a well-positioned, differentiated brand.

Companies can create brand equity for their products and services by providing superior quality, effective marketing campaigns, excellent and reliable services, or easily recognizable and memorable. When you have a well-positioned, differentiated brand, your brand equity will grow over time, making you a leader in your industry. Additionally, this will give your company a competitive advantage. Your company can leverage its competitive advantage to drive higher sales and revenues, increase your company’s value, and expand into new markets.

Your company’s brand is your single most valuable asset since it has the potential of becoming more valuable and more recognized over time. Consider investing in your brand as an investment in your future. If you choose to sell your company in the future, it is your branding that will matter the most.

Key Takeaways

The more time you take to invest in a solid brand and brand strategy, the more likely it is that you will create a brand with core values and a vision that others identify with. Your goal isn’t to check another item off your to-do list. Create a reliable brand that people can trust. Create a brand that you can be proud of and that can withstand the test of time.

Your brand should be sustainable and capable of growth and expansion into new markets. If your brand is built on a strong foundation, your return on investment has the potential to grow exponentially.

Lawrence Chou is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Printivity LLC. As founder, Lawrence Chou grew Printivity from a self-funded startup company into one of the largest online printing companies in the United States. Today, Printivity serves the entire United States through its main production hubs in both San Diego, California and Lyndhurst, New Jersey. In 2018, Printivity received the Inc 5000 award for "Fastest Growing Companies in America" for the third time. Before starting Printivity, Lawrence Chou attended UCLA, majoring in Economics.


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