Why You Should Consider a Hardcover Book for Your Next Printing Project

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When you think of a hardcover book, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a novel by your favorite author. A hardcover book doesn’t just have to be a bestseller at your local bookstore. Books are meant to tell stories, and this can be any story, not just a traditional story. That means hardcover books can also make great marketing materials for business owners. Whether you are showcasing different products or services, a hardcover book can help embody style and sophistication, creating a lasting impression on your audience. That being said, they can certainly be used for personal projects as well.

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Why choose hardcover for your next book project?


Hardcover books are an extremely versatile format used across industries. Have you ever seen a paperback yearbook? 95% of the cookbooks you see are hardcover books. As well as professional portfolios for artists such as photographers. Regardless of what is inside your book, a hardcover transforms your material into a substantial book. Why not invest in your business and your customers by curating a thoughtful hardcover book showcasing your latest products or services? 


You may think opting for a hardcover is over the top and unnecessary for your next project, but you may want to reconsider. While it may cost a little bit more than a softcover book, a hardcover book has many advantages. The main benefits of choosing a hardcover are that they are durable and high quality. Hardcover books offer a variety of special finishing options that most other book binding options do not, ultimately leading to a longer-lasting product.


As briefly mentioned above, hardcover books last much longer than their paperback alternatives. While you do not always need to opt for the hardcover option, it makes the most sense if you are looking to create a product that will stand the test of time. Paperback books easily suffer from wear and tear, even when just sitting around. A hardcover book is built to last whether it is sitting on the bookshelf or on display on your coffee table. 

Make a statement

A hardcover book is sure to make a statement to your audience. Not only will it show them that you value quality, but that you value them as well. Actions speak volumes, so producing a product that will not only feel great in someone’s hands but also last a long time, shows them that you care enough to invest in them. 

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Popular use cases for hardcover books

Artist portfolio

An artist’s portfolio is one of the most important things they can use to showcase their work to potential investors or collaborators. This is one area you do not want to cut corners on, so investing in a quality hardcover book that showcases your best work is not something to feel bad about. By no means do you have to include every single piece you have ever created, but pick your best work and use this space to tell a story. Include pages that talk about you as well. How did you come to be an artist? Why did you choose this medium? What does your art mean to you? All of these things can have a home in your portfolio as they speak to you as an artist and how you developed your style and portfolio. 


A cookbook is bound to see more wear and tear than a normal book due to the fact that it is likely to be kept and used in the kitchen. If someone is cooking and consulting a recipe in the book, they are very likely to spill some ingredients on the pages. This should be kept in mind when publishing a cookbook as you want to make sure you choose materials that can handle food and liquid spills, as well as lots of page turns.

Coffee table book

Coffee table books make for great decor, but the books can and should be read as well. Due to the fact that a coffee table book is out and on display at all times, opting for a hardcover will ensure it lasts and looks good for a long time, especially with people flipping through them as well. Don’t forget people walking by and potentially bumping into them as well. Books that lay out on the coffee table are likely to see some major foot traffic from people, children, and potentially animals. Meaning anything could happen.


Yearbooks are almost always hardcover. Why? Well, multiple reasons actually. Hardcover books feel great in your hand and establish a certain feel of quality and sophistication. When someone looks back at their yearbook years later, you want them to be able to hold it and not only look back on the good times but feel the solid quality in their hands as well. Another reason is that they are durable, and you need durability while people are running around with their yearbooks having dozens of their friends flip through and sign them. Lastly, you want this to be a momento for them to have for years to come. A high-quality hardcover yearbook is certainly an investment worth making for the students.

Printing with Printivity

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