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Publishing a book? Impressing a client? Hardcover books are the most premium binding option available. Our covers are laminated, folded, and glued to a thick, dense board. The interior pages are bound using PUR glue, the strongest available. Each cover encases your book and gives your reader the ultimate reading experience.

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Hardcover books offer many advantages over other types of binding, but two stand out above all else – quality and durability. Hardcover books are built to last. Whether they sit on the bookshelf unread for long periods or receive constant use, they are made to withstand the test of time.

Hardcover binding also stands out from all other binding options in its ability to give books their own unique look and feel. This is made possible by offering many unique finishing options not available with other types of binding.

From fiction to biographies, self-published books, and everything in between, finishing your book with a hardcover gives it a distinguished look while helping protect it for years to come.

Product Features

  • With covers built with lamination and thick, dense board, hardcover books feel substantial.
  • For products that need more durability, like yearbooks, self-published books, magazines and more.
  • Interior pages are bound using PUR glue, the strongest, most durable bind on the market.
  • The most exclusive, durable binding option.

Template & Specs

Helpful templates
Download a template, drop some artwork on it, and add some text. Our templates have all the information you need to create a print-ready file.
Quick specs
  • Preferred File Format: PDF.
  • Accepted File Formats: DOC, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, AI, PSD, PUB, PPT.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI.
  • Color Space: We prefer CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/blacK). If you use RGB, the colors on the print may turn out, in some cases, different than what you're expecting.
  • Fonts: Please flatten your documents before sending your file. If you use a special font which our system can not recognize, the document will replace your font with another font in our system.

  • Need help? Contact us or visit our help center.


    Can you help me with my design?

    Absolutely. If you have questions about how to design your hardcover book, file settings, color modes, or anything else, feel free to contact us.

    When is the best time to use hardcover binding?
    Hardcover binding is perfect for a variety of circumstances and situations. For example:

    You want to protect the book from wear and tear so that it will have a long shelf life.

    You want the book to make a statement with a professional look and feel. Hardcover binding will ensure it looks great whether resting on the coffee table or standing upright on the bookshelf.

    The book will be a treasured keepsake, such as a yearbook. Or, it may have a lot of color images that you want to stand out on thick, glossy pages.

    You want the book to be identifiable while on a bookshelf. Hardcover books make this possible by having room for printing on the spine.

    You’re considering a laminated cover to add extra protection and create a more professional look.
    How are hardcover books made?

    There are two parts to a hardcover book: the outer cover and the book block, or interior pages.

    The covers are printed on thin sheets, which are then laminated, and then meticulously cut, glued, and folded onto a board. The board is both dense and thick to give you a high-quality, long-lasting book.

    The book blocks are bound with PUR glue to give you an extremely durable bind. After the covers and book blocks have been created, the two are married together to produce your final printed book.

    What are the most common uses for hardcover books?

    Hardcover books are used for self-published books, yearbooks, photobooks, design portfolios and much more.

    Are there times when hardcover binding is not a good choice?

    Yes. Despite the unmatched look and feel of hardcover binding, there are times when other binding options are more appropriate.

    These include when you have a limited budget or the book has fewer than 30 pages. You may need plan update the content frequently, or you plan to dispose of the book after it is no longer needed.

    Don’t choose hardcover if you need the book to lay flat, or if you will be sending it via direct mail services.
    How soon can I get my hardcover books?

    Your exact delivery dates may vary depending on quantity and page count, but the fastest delivery options will get your hardcover books in your hands within 5 business days.

    If you need your books sooner, contact us.

    Why use Printivity’s hardcover book binding service?

    Every order comes back with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our quality, we do our best to make it right.


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