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One of the questions we get a lot from our customers is: What is the difference between pamphlets and brochures? It may seem like a simple question. But if you ask different people, you’re likely to get several different answers.

Part of the confusion is due to the fact that these two print media tools share many similarities. In fact, there isn’t that much difference between the two. The main differences between pamphlets and brochures have to do with the scope of information presented and how the print project will be used. To better understand the few differences, let’s start by looking at the features of these two similar types of print media.

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What is a pamphlet?

A large format college pamphlet that educates it's readers about a topic

The dictionary defines pamphlet as “a small booklet or leaflet containing information on a single subject.” The topic could be about anything related to your business, but the information usually tends to be more educational than promotional. As long as the content focuses on one single subject, it will usually be considered a pamphlet.

Because of this loose definition, any type of booklet printing is something that could be considered a pamphlet. Pamphlets can also be something you would find when taking a course or attending an informational event.

Pamphlets can vary in the number of pages they have. Some consist of a single sheet of paper printed on the front and back and folded in half. This arrangement is often called a leaflet. Other pamphlets may have several pages folded in half and stapled at the crease to create a booklet.

Pamphlets tend to provide less information than a brochure, but the information is more focused. This makes them an effective tool for informing readers of a specific event or service. Pamphlets also tend to be used more to spread awareness than to sell to the reader directly.

What is a brochure?

Booklet brochure to promote a business's specific service.

A brochure is typically defined as a small magazine or booklet that covers a range of topics. For example, a brochure might provide an overview of a company’s products or services. Brochures tend to be more promotional and advertising-oriented than pamphlets. They are also referred to as flyers, another print product that is commonly used for various sales and marketing purposes.

The common perception of a brochure is an 8.5” x 11” multi-page booklet bound together and printed on high-quality paper. However, that is only one type of brochure. Like pamphlets, brochures can consist of a single page that has been folded to create sections. They can also be printed on different sizes and types of paper. Brochures are commonly used as marketing collateral at trade shows, industry gatherings, and sales events.

The difference between pamphlets and brochures

Clearly, there are many similarities between pamphlets and brochures, to the point where the terms are often used interchangeably. Hence the confusion between the two. To summarize the main difference between pamphlets and brochures:


  • Mostly printed on one folded page
  • May have more than one page, but not often
  • Most are not bound
  • The content focuses on a single subject
  • Usually more informational than promotional
  • Good for educating readers and raising awareness about a specific topic


  • Usually consist of multiple bound pages
  • Paper size varies more than pamphlets
  • Cover a range of topics
  • Typically have pictures and graphics with supporting text
  • Good for informing readers about specific products or services and/or their features
  • Designed to sell rather than just educate or inform

In the conversation about “What is a pamphlet?” versus “What is a brochure?”, often the only real difference is the name. Many people use the terms pamphlets and brochures interchangeably. Some will say that pamphlets are not much more than color copies; others will insist that brochures are their own type of collateral altogether.

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