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Choose a binding style for your project

As low as $1.13 per booklet
  • Double staples for a secure binding
  • For projects up to 64 pages
  • Easy to customize, budget friendly, fast delivery
As low as $2.25 per book
  • Glue binding for a clean, crisp profile
  • For projects up to 200 pages
  • Professional appearance makes a strong impression
As low as $3.67 per book
  • Special glue creates an extra strong binding
  • For projects up to 400 pages
  • Premium appearance with long-lasting construction
As low as $2.64 per booklet
  • Durable plastic coil binding
  • For projects up to 400 pages
  • Simple lay flat design
As low as $2.91 per booklet
  • High-quality metal coil binding
  • For projects up to 400 pages
  • Premium lay flat design

We’ll help you make it perfect

Get an expert consultation on your project from Printivity’s creative team.

Starting at $9, we’ll work with you to bring your original design to life and prepare it for optimal printing and maximum effect.

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Guaranteed Delivery Dates
Guaranteed Delivery Dates
Your booklets will be printed, bound and in your hands on the date promised. Guaranteed.
Fast Turnarounds
Fast Turnarounds
Two-day turnaround options are available for most binding options.
Price Match
Price Match
Not only does our craftsmanship surpass our competitors, we’ll match or beat their price, too.
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Because your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we hand check every order to guarantee you’re getting the booklet you expect.

Printivity Insights: Tips & tricks for a booklet they can’t put down.

Printivity Insights will help you navigate the vast number of choices we offer, including binding types, paper stocks, finishings, designs and more.

Printivity Insights is a free newsletter that helps people learn more about print, design, and growing their businesses.

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How to Choose the Right Binding for Your Project
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Covers and Interiors: Best Weight & Stock Types
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Why should I print my booklets with Printivity?

Our customer satisfaction guarantee is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we take the time to review your files, and if we think another paper type or finishing might fit your intent better, we’ll suggest it to you.

What booklet options do you offer?

The booklet type is determined by its binding. Currently, Printivity offers saddle-stitch binding, perfect binding, PUR perfect binding, spiral binding and wire-o binding.

Is Printivity located near me?

Printivity has print production facilities in California as well as New Jersey. We are happy to print and ship orders anywhere in the United States. For international orders, please contact our customer service department.

How long does it take to print my booklets?

We can deliver your booklets in as few as two days, depending on the type of binding and other options you select. More premium bindings tend to require longer turnaround times.

I still have some questions.

Please reach out to our customer service team at We can help you with product recommendations, quotes, and even free file checks.

Give yourself the advantage you need to win.

This is the opportunity you’ve been working toward. Your chance to take your business to the next level.

And you made it happen through sheer determination and a lot of hard work. Late nights are your normal, and the takeout place across the street knows your order before you call. And If there’s one thing you’ve learned since going into business for yourself, when it’s yours, there’s no such thing as a vacation

But it’s been worth it, because right here, right now you’re going to

Land that new client . . .

Close that deal . . .

Secure your next round of funding . . .

Convince everyone in the room that your business is worth getting behind.

You look down and there it is in front of you, a tool that’s giving you that extra boost of confidence: a designed, printed and bound presentation from Printivity.

The colors, the text, the weight of the paper, the feel of the cover . . . they all add up to the exact impression you want to leave behind.

You know, however, that no booklet has ever won the day on its own. As perfect at it is, it’s not going to get you the signatures and commitments you're after today.

That’s squarely on you, and at Printivity, we’re just proud to be there to see it happen.

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