Pur Perfect Bound Books

Pur Perfect Bound Books
PUR perfect binding is the strongest, most durable binding product available. All perfect binding uses glue, but PUR perfect binding uses a special glue reacts with the moisture in the air to harden into a 40% stronger bind than traditional EVA glue. Use PUR on thick books that need to last.
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PUR glue has more flexibility and better lay-flat abilities than EVA glue. It can bind to many different types of paper stocks, including carton, UV-coated and recycled. It’s resistant to heat and cold, allowing it to hold up for long periods of time in extreme temperatures.

Suitable for most types of softcover print pieces, PUR binding provides superb durability for printed materials that need to last.

  • Perfect bound books, or soft-cover books, uses a clean and elegant glue bind to give your readers the ultimate reading experience.
  • For products that need more durability, like yearbooks, self-published books, magazines and more.
  • Choose from endless paper and finishing options that fit your brand.
  • A stronger, more durable perfect bind.
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    Can you help me with my design?

    Absolutely. If you have questions about how to design your book, file settings, color modes, or anything else, feel free to contact us.

    What’s the difference between PUR vs perfect binding vs EVA?

    Perfect binding is a process of using glue as an adhesive to stick the interior pages and the cover together.

    The glue used for the perfect bind is either EVA or PUR. EVA is a great economical bind and still provides excellent rigidity to the book. PUR is a reactive glue that hardens over 24 hours. It’s about 40% stronger than EVA, so it is typically ordered for more durable end-uses like self-published books, cook books, yearbooks, etc.

    Why is PUR glue stronger than EVA?

    PUR stands for “Polyurethane Reactive.” It undergoes a chemical reaction during the curing process, allowing it form strong bonds to many different materials. PUR properties also draw moisture out of the air during the curing process, thereby creating a stronger bond than EVA.

    PUR glue can’t be damaged by oils used in the digital print process. It also doesn’t allow ink to migrate into the spine, which can weaken the spine over time. As a result, PUR has better “page pull” resistance compared to EVA.

    PUR also provides a stronger bond on high page count books.
    Why does PUR glue last longer than EVA?

    Once cured, EVA glue can be reactivated with heat, causing it to melt. It can also become brittle and crack in extremely cold temperatures.

    Once the bond is set, PUR glue can’t be reactivated. It doesn’t melt with heat, and it can withstand very cold temperatures without damage.
    What makes PUR glue more flexible?

    PUR binding applies a thinner coating of adhesive than EVA. This causes less distortion of the spine while giving it more flexibility and a cleaner appearance.

    What are the most common uses for perfect bound books?

    Because perfect binding is such a versatile product, we see this type of binding used for catalogs, magazines, manuals, self-published books, children’s books and much more.

    How soon can I get my perfect bound books?

    Your exact delivery dates may vary depending on quantity ordered and page count, but the fastest delivery options will get your perfect bound books in your hands within 5 business days.

    PUR binding takes an additional few days to produce and cure over a 24-hour timeframe, which is why we require more time. If you need your print project rushed, contact us.

    Why use Printivity’s perfect bound printing service?

    Every order comes back with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our quality, we do our best to make it right.

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