How To Design a Booklet

Woman designing a booklet on a laptop using Photoshop

Last updated on March 9th, 2023 at 10:50 am

It’s common for customers to ask us about the process of designing a booklet.

Whether you’re designing a booklet for use as a piece of promotional material or as a type of training manual, there are two key tools you might use to design your booklet:

  • Adobe InDesign and
  • Microsoft Word

Both have their advantages and disadvantages for designing booklets. However, if you’re trying to figure out how to design a booklet on your own, using one of these programs will be of great use to you.

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How do I design a booklet?

Generally, the design of a booklet is the first thing that’s done, aside from the actual content that goes inside the booklet. Once you have an idea for a booklet design, it’s usually determined where the booklet content will come from and what it will look like. This is all part of the booklet design portion of your project.

Once you’ve settled on the booklet content and overall booklet structure, you’ll need to choose a type of booklet binding. The type of booklet binding that you choose is a key factor in how you will layout your booklet design. Make sure to download the free booklet templates on the product page at Printivity!

Two programs to design your booklet

Usually, people use one of two programs to design a booklet page layout:

  • Microsoft Word or:
  • Adobe InDesign

The complexity of the booklet page design, as well as your familiarity with each program, will determine which one you choose.

Here’s a quick guide for designing a booklet with Microsoft Word that is pretty easy to follow. Microsoft Word is a great program to use for simple designs that contain mostly text. Since Word was created as a word processing program, it does not have as many tools for complex designs. However, for simple projects or designers with little experience, it will get the job done!

For designers with more experience, use this guide for help designing a booklet in Adobe InDesign. Take advantage of every feature that you need and create a beautiful booklet. 

If you are looking for other programs with similar abilities as InDesign, we’ve compiled a list of highly-rated free and paid graphic design programs

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Once your booklet’s design is finished, check out our booklet printing page to get your booklet printed. Save yourself from the hassle of perfecting colors, binding, printing a booklet, and cutting your booklet by having a professional printer print your booklet pages!

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