How to Create the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation: A Complete Guide

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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 03:40 pm

When inviting friends and family to a baby shower, you want the invitations to accomplish several things: give all the logistical details, convey excitement and fun, and remind them to RSVP. That’s a lot for one little piece of paper! Incorporating clever wording and eye-catching visuals on your baby shower invitation helps. So what are some of the best ways to invite your loved ones to celebrate your growing family?

12 Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Once you decide on the overall style and theme of the invitations, other factors include the number of cards, the color of envelopes, and cardstock finish. Every creative decision is an opportunity to have fun. So without further ado, here are 12 ideas for a baby shower announcement:

1. Reflect the Season

When in doubt, go with the season: Winter Wonderland, Autumnal Announcement, Springtime Shower, or Summer Celebration. Babies can be symbolized by a fall harvest, summer sunshine, winter magic, and of course, a literal springtime rain shower. The colors in the invitation should reflect whichever season the shower will occur, such as shades of green for springtime.   

flower baby shower invitation

2. A (Flower) Bundle of Joy

There’s nothing happier than a beautiful bouquet to welcome a new baby girl and congratulate the mother on her blossoming family. Why not go with a flower theme for your baby girl baby shower invitations? 

Different flowers carry different meanings. The following varieties are most appropriate for baby showers because of what they symbolize: white roses for innocence, pink lilies and dahlias for femininity, pink carnations for maternal love, and yellow tulips for happiness. 

Flowers are a kind gesture of celebration. You can request guests bring flowers in lieu of gifts if you’ve already got all you need from a previous baby. And you can host the shower as a garden party in a local park. However you decide to celebrate, don’t forget to include the phrase, “It’s a Girl!” on the invitations. 

3. Starry Night

Why go with the typical white background on an invitation? A sleepytime or nighttime aesthetic for the invitations makes sense if you are hosting a baby shower in the evening. Use a white font on a dark background decorated with stars or star stickers. Invites are usually pastel and light-colored, so this design idea is for those who want to stand out and spice things up. Encourage baby gifts to be bedtime-specific. 

Or, use this style to implement baby shower wording such as, “It was written in the stars that this new soul would join your family.” A starry night invitation theme is also perfect if the mom-to-be is a big fan of space or astrology.

blue baby shower favors

4. Ocean Blue

For a baby boy, the blue ocean theme will get you plenty of blue gifts – whether you host it beachside or just want a nautical-themed invite. On baby shower boy invitations, state “It’s a Boy!” in addition to the blue aesthetic. Adorn it with whales, sailboats, anchors, or otters; choose an on-theme stamp if you can.

5. Delivery Notice!

As online shopping has exploded in recent years, we’re always getting delivery notifications. Go with baby shower sayings such as “Delivery Notice” followed by the baby’s due date. Include the date of the shower, of course. A package theme or a classic stork image works well as a gender-neutral option. 

6. Cute Animals 

Little lions and tigers make for a cute baby shower invitation message: “We invite you to a ROARing good time…” Request gifts with an animal theme, like towels, room decor, bed linens, toys, or clothing to familiarize your young kiddo with the wonders of the natural world. Incorporate cartoon zoo, jungle, farm, or Noah’s Ark animals on the invitations with a colorful font and envelope.  

dog with presents

7. Incorporate Your Pets

You may think of your pets as your children, too. Include doodles of your family on the baby shower invitation – pets included – and emphasize how your pet children are getting human siblings! Some pets get excited with new babies, and others a little jealous. Including them on the invites is a cute gesture and an excellent way to announce the expansion of your family.

8. Food or Beverage Themed

There are many variations of a food or beverage-themed baby shower. You could state B.Y.O.B., emphasizing that mocktails will be available for the mom-to-be and any other pregnant attendees. You can go full bakery for your bun in the oven, filling the invitation with muffins, scones, and tea. Or invite attendees to a bread-making class together for the shower. 

Whatever you decide, feel free to state on the invitation that you are seeking food and drink-related gifts for the baby or the family – both are helpful during this busy time! 

9. Tick Tock, Tick Tock… 

This gender-neutral clock option gives you a countdown to the baby shower. It also works for a birth announcement or gender reveal. A countdown builds anticipation and excitement, whether you go for a steampunk, digital, analog, or pocket watch aesthetic. Stamp the outside envelope with candle wax to seal the deal with old-timey charm.

baby shower party favor popcorn bag and rainbow straw

10. Fairytale Magic & Nursery Rhymes

Embody the playful spirit of fairytale magic and nursery rhymes with a cursive, whimsical, or calligraphy-style font. Find kid-friendly stamps with a magical twist to them. Incorporate nursery rhymes that feature your baby’s name into your baby shower invitation wording. For example: “Ring around the rosey, here comes baby Josie…” Ask for books as baby shower gifts, like Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, or modern classics. 

11. For Twins & Sets of Multiples

Baby shower invite wording for any set of multiples is super fun to announce. For twins, rhyme it out: “Not one, but two: we want to celebrate with you!” For triplets: “We’re overwhelmed with glee to welcome our babies three!” State it in a cute way with multiple anthropomorphized group animals, like a wolf pack or a happy herd of elephants.  

12. Picnic Garden Critters

Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and bumblebees are all cute themes for a baby shower invitation. They are all friendly critters that hang out in a garden and can double as a theme for a baby’s bathroom or bedroom. Be healthy by inviting guests to bring seeds for a seed swap, or be sweet by hosting a picnic potluck with honey-themed desserts.

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