5 Direct Mail Envelope Tips to Increase your Open Rate

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We have said it once and we will say it again, direct mail is not a dying form of marketing. From postcards and flyers to letters and brochures, direct mail should continue to be a part of your marketing campaign, if it is not already. USPS has reported that an average American household receives 454 pieces of mail per year. The key to successful direct mail marketing is making a good first impression to stand out from everyone else. Here are our top five direct mail envelope tips to help you increase your open rate.

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1. Keep things strictly business

One approach you could take when it comes to your direct mail envelopes is using a blind envelope. A blind envelope is a plain white envelope that doesn’t give your recipient much idea of who it is from. This may seem counter-intuitive. After all, branding and recognition are key, but when it comes to direct mail envelopes, it may work in your favor, and here’s why. A blind envelope doesn’t include much information, so no logos, no names, and no real identifying information. This makes the direct mail seem more business-like and urgent. While you do not have to completely blindside your customers, you can include a small logo, this tactic can create a sense of urgency and almost guarantee the envelope will be opened out of sheer curiosity.   

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2. Be environmentally friendly

It has never been more important for consumers to feel that the brands they invest in give back to the environment. What better way to show that you do, than by using environmentally friendly materials? Eco-friendly direct mail options like kraft envelopes not only scream environmentally friendly (because they are), but they are also great for non-foldable items as they are sturdier than a standard envelope. Opting for an eco-friendly material will benefit you, the earth, and make your customers happy. A happy customer will want to engage with your business, meaning they will likely feel more inclined to open your envelope. What else could you ask for?

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3. Don’t be afraid to use colors

When it comes to marketing, colors are important. You can play off different emotions by using different colors to encourage people to interact with your mail. Regardless of size, solid-colored envelopes stand out more than white envelopes. Standing out amongst all the other pieces of mail is just step number one though. A colorful envelope alone may not necessarily get someone to open it. Different colors evoke different emotions, so it is important you choose the right color to evoke the emotion you want. Are you a financial company? Consider using green as green is often associated with wealth and growth. It’s a great color for financial companies as well as lifestyle brands. Similarly, blue is often associated with trust, strength, and dependability. This is a go-to color for many brands, and for good reason.  

4. Tease what’s inside

With the high number of pieces of direct mail someone receives per year, it’s important that you do what you can to stand out and cut through all the noise. The last thing you want is to land in someone’s junk drawer, or worse, the trash. Consider teasing what’s inside the envelope to encourage your recipient to open it up and learn more. Not only will this grab someone’s attention, but it will also give someone a good idea of what they will find inside. Sometimes surprises are good, but in other cases, you don’t want your customers to feel they have wasted their time by opening your envelope. That wouldn’t leave them with a great feeling toward your brand. Give someone a reason to open your envelope and learn more about what you offer.  

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5. Personalize it

It is no secret that personalizing your marketing materials can increase their effectiveness. Direct mail is no different. Personalization helps show your customers that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to get to know them. While it is not necessary to incorporate personalization into every single marketing material you put out, it doesn’t hurt to add it when you can. An easy way to personalize your direct mail campaigns is by using handwritten envelopes. You do not have to handwrite every single word, but certain things, such as addresses, signatures, or a short personal note can go a long way.  

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Envelopes should never be overlooked. They are what house your marketing materials, but they are also the first thing your recipient will see. You should put as much thought and effort into how you design those, as you do your actual marketing collateral. The success of your direct mail campaign depends on your recipient’s response to your envelope. If they don’t open it, they will never see what is inside, which is what you really want them to see.

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