How to Use Packaging Inserts to Increase Engagement

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If you are shipping packages to your customers, whether new, potential or returning, you should be including packaging inserts. A simple insert can leave a strong lasting impression, helping you grow your business and brand. Here is how to use packaging inserts to increase engagement and leave your customers more than satisfied.

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Why include packaging inserts?

Your packaging will do one of three things. It will meet your customers expectations, exceed them or unfortunately fall short. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. If a package arrives late once it has been shipped, that is out of your hands at that point. The good news is that there are also ways you can help make the experience of ordering online and waiting for your package more exciting and enjoyable. One of those ways is including extra items in your package, such as a packaging insert.

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There are numerous ways you can use packaging inserts to increase engagement, but regardless of what you do, you will see results. Including something such as a business card, a thank you or other item will do three things; help build relationships with customers, increase loyalty and the chance of repeat customers, and finally personalize your brand. Not all brands include packaging inserts, and the ones that do not are missing out on a big opportunity.

Effective packaging insert ideas

Include a back story

Bring your packaging to the next level by including extra information about your company. Not only will this help educate and spread the word about who you are and what you stand for, it will help build a personal connection between you and your customer. Making it easy for your customer to learn your back story by including it in your packaging will help them appreciate you and your brand even more. Not to mention it makes the unboxing experience even more memorable. 

Not sure where to start with what to include? Consider including a short anecdote, testimonies from customers or interesting facts about your brand. Don’t be shy, include the purpose and dream behind your company to help your customers understand where the company is headed. 

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Thank your customers

One of the easiest ways to get started using packaging inserts is by including a simple thank you card. Thank you cards are a simple yet fantastic opportunity to personalize your message and start building a relationship with your customers. These cards do so much more than just say thank you. They show your customer that you value them and your relationship with them. This is key to building a loyal customer base. 

You may not be able to handwrite each individual thank you card, but having that personal touch will take your thank you cards to the next level. Consider signing each one or at the very least have the person that boxed the shipment sign the card to make it even more personal.

Offer a discount

One of the most popular types of packaging inserts is a discount or promotional offer. There are many ways to deliver these discounts, including via email. You may be wondering why include a packaging insert if you can just email it, but putting them right in the box will ensure your customer receives it as opposed to it going to their spam folder. You can still do this cost effectively by printing your discounts at business card size instead of something larger like a postcard.

Include a CTA

Reviews are the bread and butter of the e-commerce world. Online review statistics show that over half of online shoppers read at least four product reviews before making a purchase. Not everyone will leave a review, but many people just may not even think to. Including a gentle reminder in your package will help encourage your customers to leave a review. Bonus points if you take care in ensuring you have enjoyable packaging. If a customer feels you have gone above and beyond in your packaging and presentation, they may be more tempted to leave you a glowing review. 

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Helpful information such as how-to’s or care instructions

It may seem like a no-brainer to include a how-to guide or care instructions, but this is often overlooked. Including a print out as simple as a bulleted list can bring your customers’ experience from terrible to seamless in a flash. Don’t let something as little as leaving out simple instructions leave your customer less than satisfied.

Take it a step further by designing fun and unique instructions to make that learning process even more enjoyable for your customer. How-to guides are often so plain printed on white paper with plain black text. Take this opportunity to stand out by using different colors and graphics to make the information fun to read.

Rewards cards

If you offer a loyalty and rewards program, including a punch card or simply the rewards information in your packaging will help and encourage your customers to keep earning. This is a great way to entice your customers to come back and make another purchase. On the off hand that they are not familiar with your program, it’s also a great way to advertise and promote it. Make it even easier on your customers by using Variable Data Printing to give them all the information they need regarding their progress to the rewards.

Suggest other similar items

You are likely familiar with the feature in online stores that shows you similar items to what you are viewing or have purchased. You can recreate that feature in the form of a packaging insert and include that in your customers orders. Consider including similar items or items that will compliment the ones they purchased. Make sure to include details and images of the items so your customers know exactly what they do and look like. Similarly, you can promote the launch of new items on a packaging insert as well.

Getting started

Once you have decided what kind of packaging inserts you want to include, it’s time to get them designed and printed! Don’t hesitate to contact Printivity today to consult expert designers or get your order started. Call Printivity at 1-877-649-5463 with any questions.


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