Unique Ways to use Presentation Folders

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You often have a very short amount of time to grab a potential client’s attention. When you do happen to grab it, you then need to figure out how to keep it. With so many companies constantly vying for everyone’s attention, it’s important that you are quick and straight to the point with the message you want to convey. A presentation folder is a great way to compile all of the important information you want to provide your audience in an easy to digest and organized way. They allow you to include much more information than you could on a business card or brochure. There is plenty of room for details such as your locations, social media handles, website, upcoming events, helpful guides and more! Here are unique ways you can use presentation folders in your marketing strategy.

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Showcase your services

A presentation folder is a popular way to showcase the services you offer to your potential clients or partners. They are a compact and organized way to present all of the information someone might need to know before investing or partnering with you. Making it easy for someone to learn about your company will go a long way, and only help convince them you are the business they should go with. There are a lot of little things you can do to help your business stand apart from your competition. It could be something as small as providing all of the information up front and in one place that could make someone’s decision.

Welcome packs

If welcoming new clients is something you do often, you may want to consider putting together a welcome pack in the form of a presentation folder. Easily present your new client with a curated presentation folder of a welcome card, brochures, promotional literature and even a small gift if your budget allows for it! Small branded items such as stickers make for the perfect final touch. A professional welcome pack will not only establish how professional your brand is, it will also help boost the chance of sales by capturing your audience’s attention and keeping you front of mind.

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Consider putting together a presentation folder to go along with you at any seminar or presentation you host or attend. Let’s be real, attention spans are pretty short these days. Make it easy for your audience to follow along and even brush up on information afterwards by giving them a physical takeaway. Make sure your presentation folder is easy to understand and appealing to your target audience, because you never know who you may meet at an event. Personalize them with your logo, contact information and any other relevant points that pertain to your presentation and what you have to offer. This is a great tactic to keep you front of mind, even after everyone has gone home.

Training materials

Starting a new job can be daunting with all of the information and skills you have to learn and remember. Help your new employees get through training and onboarding smoothly by providing them all of the information they may need to reference in a handy training manual in the form of a presentation folder. Training videos can take quite a bit of time to get through, whereas presentation folders can be read and easily referenced when needed. Cut back on time and costs by handing out training presentation folders to all new employees. They will thank you and likely be better able to pick processes up quickly when they can easily reference things.

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Hand out as sales packs

A presentation folder can make for a great item to hand out after a sale has been made. Include any necessary invoices or receipts along with information about the product or service that was just purchased. You can even go as far as including brochures with information about other similar services or products you may offer. Not only will this ensure your customer is leaving with everything they need, it is easily setting them up for future purchases down the line. 

Why presentation folders?

Digital marketing can be expensive, especially when you are targeting a large audience. Presentation folders are a cost effective way to promote your products and services much more efficiently than say an ad online.

Potential clients that receive a presentation folder are likely coming from an event, making them a more qualified lead than some random person on the internet that may or may not be accurately receiving your ad. Social media marketing is great, don’t get me wrong, but technology is not perfect and it can get your ad in front of people that may not be in your target audience.

While presentation folders are cost effective, they do not sacrifice quality. Printivity creates presentation folders from 14 pt cardstock, durable paper that will protect the contents of your folder. You can easily customize your presentation folders to fit your needs. Need space for a business card? Opt for one of five options including no slits for business cards if you want to pass on that option. 
If you are ready to start designing, you can download folder templates right from Printivity! You can also read our article, How to Set Up Presentation Folders, for further instructions. If you are ready to place an order, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-649-5463.


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