Why You Should Consider Bookmark Marketing

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When you think about bookmark marketing, you probably think that it is just for authors or companies in the book industry. While that is certainly an industry that should utilize bookmark marketing, it’s not the only industry that can or should. Bookmarks are a small marketing tool that can be incorporated into your lineup of materials to help build your brand awareness, increase sales and reach beyond your current audience.

Why bookmark marketing?

Cost effective

Bookmarks are not only easy to make, they are cheap to buy. Due to their small size, they are less than half the size of most postcards, advertising on bookmarks is a cheaper alternative. If you’re already printing postcard marketing materials, it will be very simple to transition to bookmarks in addition, or as a replacement. Bookmarks offer repeated exposure of your brand to your audience for a small cost. What more could you ask for?

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Longer life cycle

As bookmarks are a smaller marketing material, similar to postcards, they are often compared to postcard marketing. While postcards are typically received, read and tossed in the trash, bookmarks have a longer life cycle. A bookmark is also a tool the receiver can use whenever reading a book, meaning they will likely hold onto the bookmark rather than immediately toss it in the trash. Everytime they pick up the book, they encounter your bookmark. Bookmarks and the messages on them stick around and are likely seen over and over again, leaving an impression on the audience.

Four colorful bookmarks

Gift your audience

Since a bookmark serves a purpose other than just an advertisement, they are seen as more of a gift and less of a marketing material. Someone is more likely to view a bookmark as a gift than a postcard or flyer, as they can hold onto a bookmark and use it over and over again. If your audience feels like they were given a gift, they’ll have a more positive interaction with your brand than they would if they felt they were being bombarded by advertisements. Positive brand interactions are an important part of building your reputation and relationships with your audience. The more your audience feels heard and seen, the more they will gravitate toward your business than some other one that treats them like any other sale that could be made. Small gestures, such as gifting a bookmark or other useful marketing material, can make a significant difference in the long run.

How to incorporate bookmarks into your marketing plan

Add them to your promotional packages

If your brand frequents trade shows or often presents to potential clients and customers, you likely have a package of promotional materials you hand out. These packages often include business cards, brochures, catalogs and other informational materials, but why stop there? You can easily include small items such as bookmarks. Adding bookmarks will help you mix up your marketing efforts and leave a nice little surprise for the recipient. The fact that a bookmark serves a purpose other than advertising your message is what makes a bookmark such a useful marketing tool. As I mentioned above, these are viewed as more of a gift than an advertisement, meaning the recipient is likely to hold on to it for a much longer period of time.

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Turn your bookmark into a call to action

Why not take your bookmark marketing to the next level and include a call to action? Instead of serving solely as a placeholder, your bookmark will serve as a message encouraging your audience to reach out to you. There are many things you can put on a bookmark, such as a coupon or giveaway. You could even turn it into a unique business card. As long as you include the relevant information, such as how to redeem the coupon, enter the giveaway, or simply visit your website or store, you’re golden!

If a bookmark is being used to hold a place in a book, odds are the recipient is looking at it quite a bit. Take advantage of this prime placement and use the bookmark as an opportunity to display your most important message. Make sure to include things such as a mission statement, your company values, benefits you provide your customers, as well as relevant contact information. While you want to include all relevant information, a bookmark tends to be on the small side, so you want to take care that you don’t overdo it with the information you include. Cramming as much as possible may seem like a smart idea, but can come across as noise to your audience and end up working against you. If you are having trouble trying to figure out what exactly to include on your bookmark, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What would you want to hear from a company if you were them? Afterall, you are catering to your audience, so you want to give them the information they want.  

Order bookmarks now!

Start incorporating bookmarks into your marketing material lineup today! It’s important to continuously improve your marketing efforts, which means investing in new and different materials than the ones you have been using. If you’re new to bookmark marketing, start off with a simple design and hand them out to your customers as you see fit. Ordering your bookmarks as color copies allows you to create custom dimensions as well as add rounded corners if you prefer that design. Typically, bookmark dimensions range from 1.5” x 6” to 2” x 9”, but with Printivity, you are able to choose the exact dimensions that best fit your design. Cover paper type, specifically in 14 or 16 pt. is ideal for bookmarks as they are durable and will withstand repeated use.

If you are ready to get started, or have any questions regarding your order, please contact Printivity at 1-877-649-5463.


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