Infographic – Intro to Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping box delivered to front door

Last updated on November 15th, 2021 at 01:31 pm

You’re guaranteed to benefit from custom shipping boxes. Bring the store to your customers’ doorsteps by giving them an unforgettable experience when they open their door to your custom box.

Minimize Damage For Better Customer Experience

As the distributor, one of the most disappointing customer complaints to receive is that the products arrived in a damaged shipping box. Avoid this by using shipping boxes that are specifically designed to be withstand the shipping process. To guarantee that your products are protected, the boxes have gone through 2 tests of durability. Each box needs to pass either the 200 lb Test or 32 lb ECT, which measure the amount of force needed to break the box.

Another way to minimize products getting damaged in the shipping process is to use the right size box. When ordering custom shipping boxes, remember that the dimension listed is the space *inside* the box. Measure how much space you will need to perfectly pack your products.

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Pick a Color to Fit Your Brand

Choose between kraft and white shipping boxes, you won’t go wrong either way. The natural look and feel of kraft boxes are ideal for sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Dark colors, such as black or burgundy, stand out against the natural cardboard color. White shipping boxes give off a clean and sleek look. Choose white boxes for complex, colorful designs that need to pop!

Quick Design Tips

You don’t need to have full bleed to have a standout design. Instead rely on an eye-catching design that focuses on your company name/logo. Prominently display your important on content on the large side panels. Tape will cover part of the design on the top flaps, so instead choose a minimalist design.

If you’re not a designer, we have your back! Printivity offers free design services for all qualifying shipping box orders. Skip the stress and work with a team that knows what they’re doing. Option 1: Free design for orders of 100 boxes or more. Design from scratch with our in-house designers to create your ideal box. Option 2: If you have your assets, send them to our team and we’ll assemble it for you.


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