How To Design a Captivating Rack Card

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 01:13 pm

What is a Rack Card?

As a consumer, you might not know exactly what a rack card are by their name. However, you have seen them on most small businesses’ front desks, in hotels, restaurants, or at the doctor’s office. Rack cards are displayed in small holders or stands where they can easily be grabbed by passing customers. These slim and informative marketing materials commonly come in 4 dimensions: 3.5” x 8.5”, 4” x 9”, 8” x 9” (half-folded to 4” x 9”), and 12” x 9” (tri-folded to 4” x 9”). Rack cards are meant to be picked up and handled, so choose a paper type that will withstand being passed around. Once you have the preliminary decisions, it’s time to create a captivating rack card design!

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Rack Card Designs that Captivate

There are 3 key strategies that you should always follow on your rack card design. This will help you and your designer start the groundwork for this captivating tool.

Choose Colors That Pop

Selecting the right colors for any project can be your strongest device when fighting for consumers’ attention. When designing, remember that your rack card may be competing against other businesses depending on where you are advertising. When your rack card is at a hotel or other tourist attractions, these businesses will display numerous rack cards of local businesses. Don’t choose colors that will blend in and get lost. The right color combination can instantly catch a customer’s attention. It’s also important to pick colors that will compliment your current branding. Before you choose your colors, learn more about color combinations, and how to implement them in your design.

Put The Most Important Info At The Top

The standard holders are taller in the back so rack cards stay upright but shorter on the front and side for easy access. The front of the holder covers the bottom portion of the design. This is why it’s important to include your company name and a call to action at the visible portion of the rack card design. Use your logo or catchy slogan to catch their attention. Let new customers know who you are and how to reach you before they even pick up your rack card.  Then use the rest of the card to showcase promotions and services that you are offering. 

Advertise What You’re Best At

You got their attention, now what? Depending on the size card you chose, you have at least one untouched side and the bottom of the front side. The amount of space that you have to work with is much smaller than what you can do with a company catalog. So be precise with what you include. 

What are the strongest attributes of your company? Is it your friendly customer service? Your fast turnaround? The highest quality at the lowest prices? Use the bottom half of the front design to tell the customer what sets you apart from the competition. Win them over with a couple of lines about your company that will make them turn the rack card over.

Utilize the rest of the rack card design to showcase your most popular products and services. If there is room, list your second-tier products or add-ons. For even more incentives, add a promo code that they can use online or a coupon that they can bring into your store. The rack card design is meant to attract potential customers, but the content needs to convince them to purchase from your company.

Pro-tip: If you need to list all products and services (such as a take-out menu at a restaurant), pick a dimension that can hold them all without clutter. We recommend taking advantage of the additional space that 8” x 9” (half-folded to 4” x 9”) and 12” x 9” (tri-folded to 4” x 9”) provide.

How To Advertise With Rack Cards

Create a strategy for your rack cards. Display rack cards in high trafficked areas of your business or office. This could be at the receptionist’s desk or next to the cash register for when the customers have a moment to look around. Place the rack cards anywhere that you know where a customer might sit idle. Even though this customer is already in your office, use the rack card to inform them of other services that will bring them back again and again.

Rack card display at a doctors office

Some rack cards perform better when displayed in other businesses. Do some research. Find businesses that are related to yours but do not produce the same products and services. Local restaurants or retail business rack cards thrive when displayed in hotel lobbies. Medical businesses are another popular place that have large rack card displays. Whatever it is that you sell, there is always another business in your niche that can be used to recommend your company.

Now that you have decided on the layout and strategy of your rack card design, it’s time to start creating! offers complimentary templates for all standard rack card dimensions. While on our website, you can easily know your price and create a budget. Just choose what customizations you need for your rack card and instantly receive your price! If you have any questions while designing, call our customer service department at 1-877-649-5463!

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