What is 22 lb Printer Paper?

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Last updated on July 7th, 2021 at 04:18 pm

The choice of paper is one of the most important elements in a print project. Size, thickness, tone, and finish all work together to give print projects a specific look and feel. The type of paper stock also affects the durability of the printed product.

Many Printivity customers ask about 22 lb printer paper when they call to discuss their print projects with us. Unless you do a lot of printing, you may not know about all the different paper types and when to use them. We hope to provide the information need to determine whether 22 lb printer paper is the best choice for your projects.

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What is 22 lb printer paper?

22 lb printer paper is a standard, multipurpose paper typically used in offices or homes. It’s a bit thicker than 20 lb printer paper, and is the type of paper most people think of for everyday use. But it’s perfect for printing and copying, and it works perfectly for making double-sided color copies.

The “22” in 22 lb printer paper refers to the “basis” weight of the paper, which represents the weight of 500 sheets of a paper size in its uncut form. For example, an uncut sheet of bond paper measures 17” x 22”. If 500 sheets of the paper in its uncut size weighs 20 lbs, it’s labeled 20 lb after being cut. If the paper weighs 22 lbs in its uncut size, it’s labeled 22 lb after being cut to letter size.

Basis weight influences many of a paper’s properties, including strength, thickness, opacity, and runnability (the ease with which a paper passes through the printer). The heavier the basis weight, the thicker the sheet.

When to use 22 lb printer paper

22 lb printer paper is part of a category of papers called bond papers. Bond paper comes in weights of 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 lbs. 22-lb printer paper is considered a mid-range bond, making it a very versatile paper weight. It is especially good for business print applications, including:

  • Faxing
  • Printing emails
  • Making high-speed copies
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Legal documents
  • Proposals

22 lb printer paper is often used in place of standard office paper when a slightly heavier weight is desired. It is also a little brighter than 20 lb printer paper. For that reason, if you need your whites a little brighter, 22 lb printer paper provides a good option. 22 lb printer paper is also frequently used for letterhead and stationary purposes.

Where can I get 22 lb printer paper?

Most office supply stores and major retailers sell 22 lb printer paper. However, we recommend getting this type of printer paper from an online printing company. You’ll save money and get the experience of quality professionals who can help you determine whether 22 lb is a good choice for your print project.

In addition to paper weight, the print experts at Printivity can help you make other important choices such as paper size, coated versus uncoated, and whether to have the paper watermarked. We can also help you decide on the best type of binding for your project.

Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you have. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation for service and quality. We also offer a convenient Rush Critical shipping option for those that need their prints sooner rather than later. Rush Critical is the absolute fastest printing and shipping option available in the United States. Projects are generally printed and shipped same-day/next day.

Contact us today to discuss your printing project, especially if you need more information on the subject of 22 lb printer paper.


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