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Last updated on May 16th, 2023 at 02:55 pm

80 lb Gloss Text is a fantastic go-to glossy sheet for print projects: it’s thin, elegant, and has a fantastic price. Print projects ranging from sell sheets to magazines to catalogs all take advantage of the elegance of the 80 lb gloss text.

80 lb Gloss Text is a pragmatic and elegant sheet of paper

There are 3 main paper coating types for customers to choose from uncoated, matte, and gloss. Uncoated paper is, as the name suggests, not coated and has a more textured feel to it. Matte paper is coated with a smooth finish that will appear kind of “dull”.

Gloss text paper is a coated paper that gives off a high shine that illuminates the colors printed on it. I consider 80 lb Gloss Text both “pragmatic” and “elegant” because of its simplicity compared to other popular paper types.

Many of Printivity’s customers prefer printing their projects on glossy sheets because it gives off a distinct professional quality. The question is—what weight of glossy sheet is the best for their project?

Printivity currently provides 3 different weight types for printing on a glossy, standard (by standard, I mean “non-cardstock”) sheet.

Choose from:

  • 60 lb Gloss Text,
  • 80 lb Gloss Text, or
  • 100 lb Gloss Text
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Choosing between the 3 types of Gloss Text at Printivity

For many print customers that want a thin gloss sheet, 80 lb Gloss Text is a good balance among the 3 gloss text options. 80 lb Gloss Text is the most cost-effective sheet among the three options.

60 lb Gloss Text is our ultra-thin glossy sheet, most frequently used for print magazines. Because it is typically a specialty sheet, it is more difficult to find than 80 lb Gloss Text. Because of its ultra-thin qualities, it also requires special handling and production procedures at our printing facilities. It is recommended to print with 60 lb gloss text when the perfect bound book is over 200 pages. This way the book stays lightweight and flexible even with a high page count.

100 lb Gloss Text is our premium glossy standard sheet. As you might expect, it is the thickest of the 3 sheets. When you hold a booklet printed on 100 lb Gloss Text, it feels weighty and substantial in your hands. 100 lb Gloss Text is recommended for thin booklets so that the books are not too flimsy. A flimsy book can appear cheap to some.

However, many customers prefer a thinner sheet of gloss. It feels more delicate to their touch, and makes for thinner, lighter books.

If you’re looking for other kinds of paper

If you’re looking for other kinds of paper, you should check out our articles about matte vs glossy paper, and matte vs glossy vs uncoated paper. Or email our customer service representatives at service@printivity.com and request complimentary paper samples!


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