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As a business person, marketer, author, or designer, you want to leave people in awe. Blow them away, with elegant, professional, and beautifully crafted perfect bound books.
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Perfect Bound Books

Perfect Bound Books

Saddle-Stitched Booklets

Saddle-Stitched Booklets

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The #1 binding option for softcover books.

Perfect binding has rapidly become the leading choice for softcover books, especially paperbacks. It is very popular in the business world because it delivers a high-quality presentation at a very reasonable cost. Perfect binding is frequently used for corporate reports, catalogs, product brochures, manuals, and magazines.

Perfect bound books costs less to produce than hardcover books, and the square spine allows for printing on it. Perfect binding produces a strong, durable spine that won’t crack or break due to extreme high or low temperatures. The low production costs make perfect binding affordable for short-run print projects.

Order Perfect Bound Book Printing and Binding

  • Perfect bound books, or soft-cover books, uses a clean and elegant glue bind to give your readers the ultimate reading experience.
  • An excellent option for self-published books, catalogs, magazines, or any premium product.
  • Choose from endless paper and finishing options that fit your brand.
  • A premium reading experience, bound to impress.
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  • Preferred File Format: PDF.
  • Accepted File Formats: DOC, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, AI, PSD, PUB, PPT.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI.
  • Color Space: We prefer CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/blacK). If you use RGB, the colors on the print may turn out, in some cases, different than what you're expecting.
  • Fonts: Please flatten your documents before sending your file. If you use a special font which our system can not recognize, the document will replace your font with another font in our system.

  • Need help? Contact us or visit our help centre.
    What is perfect binding?

    Perfect binding uses glue as an adhesive to stick the interior pages and the cover together.

    Perfect bound books are more commonly known as soft-cover books, which you may find in your own library.

    What type of glue do you use?

    There are two types of glue that we use, depending on what product you order. Our standard perfect bound books use EVA glue, whereas our PUR perfect bound books use PUR glue.

    PUR glue is used for books that require a stronger bind. This includes book applications that required durable, lay-flat binding or books with over 150 pages.

    Get more information about PUR Perfect Bound Books.

    Why is it called perfect binding?

    Before binding, the pages and the cover are cut to the exact same size. This enables them to line up perfectly during the binding process so that no pages stick out farther than any other.

    What is the best page count for perfect binding books?

    It depends on the thickness of the paper and the number of pages. Generally speaking, perfecting binding is not well suited for books with a minimal number of pages. The more pages in the book, the more perfect binding becomes the best option.

    Can I put printing on the spine of a perfect bound book?

    Yes. Perfect binding creates a flat spine that allows for printing the name of the book and the author.

    Which is better – perfect binding or hardcover binding?

    It depends on many factors, including the number of pages and how long you want the book to last. For the right book project, perfect binding offers several advantages over hardcover binding.

    • Lighter in weight
    • Faster turnaround time
    • Ability to lay the book flat without damaging it
    • Lower cost than hardback
    What are the most common uses for Perfect Bound Books?

    Because perfect binding is such a versatile product, we see this type of binding used for catalogs, magazines, manuals, self-published books, children’s books and much more.

    How soon can I get my perfect bound books?

    Your exact delivery dates may vary depending on quantity ordered and page count, but the fastest delivery options will get your perfect bound books in your hands within 2 business days.

    Need same day or next day service? Contact us.

    Why use Printivity’s perfect bound printing service?

    Every order comes backed with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our quality, we do our best to make it right.


    Why Should You Order Book Printing Online From Printivity?

    Fast Turnarounds

    We have the fastest turnarounds in the country for online booklet printing. We guarantee our delivery dates and operate our production facilities 24/7. For overnight or same day booklet printing services, please contact customer service at 1-877-649-5463 and ask for “Rush Critical” service.

    High Quality Guaranteed

    We use state-of-the-art printing production presses to ensure that colors are accurate and vibrant. All orders go through our quality control process, and each page is checked before print production. With our satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll fix it, replace it, or refund it.

    Excellent Customer Service

    We’re here to help! If you have any questions on booklet printing, such as which binding method to choose, or what paper types to order, just ask us for help. We’ll also check your file to make sure that it is print ready.

    Make your book come to life

    Even though e-book readers and reading apps on phones are becoming increasingly popular, print book shops are still thriving.

    People just seem to enjoy reading a print book much more than an e-format file, and the good news is, book printing has become affordable and accessible to almost anyone.

    Companies such as Printivity offer the use of their book printers, providing cheap book printing services in various formats and customizations.

    But what are some of the more common custom book printing applications? And what should you look for in book printing services?

    Let’s explore below.

    Reasons you may want to print a book

    Many people have a dream of writing and publishing a book, but most may not have a clear idea of what type of book that could be.

    But the truth is, there are many reasons why thousands of people publish books every single year.

    An always-popular reason is self-publishing – when someone finishes writing a book, they naturally want to get it out into the world. If they can’t find a publisher, doing it with the help of a custom book printing service is the next best thing.

    Another common reason for book printing is publishing business information – whether it’s sharing insights or positioning for a company, there are many ways how a custom book can be beneficial for a company.

    When working with book printing companies such as Printivity, you can choose your own terms and customize the order according to your preferences and budget. Relatively cheap book printing is now available, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your book printed and ready to distribute.

    Quality printing services

    When using online book printing services, you want to make sure that you choose a print option that produces a quality book print that will look great and last for a long time.

    And that’s why it’s important to understand what types of materials you should prioritize.

    First off, you will need to decide if you want a black & white or colored book. This decision will largely depend on whether your book has a lot of images and design elements that require color to be displayed properly.

    Another aspect to consider is the paper quality. There are numerous options, including the traditional uncoated paper, as well as the smoother and shinier coated and matte finishes.

    Finally, you will have to decide on the type of cover and binding that you want. As you probably know, hardcover books are the most durable and valuable, but if you’re on a budget, you could consider perfect bound and saddle-stitched binding options, which can also work quite well in some situations.

    Design tips for your book

    Since books typically contain more pages and are thicker, there are numerous considerations that need to be made to make the reader’s experience as pleasant and convenient as possible.

    What’s more, you also need to use the design to draw attention to your book and help it stand out from others.

    The first step of the book printing process is designing a cover that will draw attention and meet the expectations of your target audience. Think about what kind of visual elements would do the best job of getting your primary message across, positioning your brand in the right way, and grabbing attention.

    Then, you will need to consider the reading experience of the people that you want to attract and make sure that your book is easy to go through.

    Consider the length of your book, and make sure that you choose a trim size that is adequate if you don’t want your book to end up being too thick and uncomfortable to read.

    Another crucial aspect of book design is making the gutter deep enough – no one likes seeing words disappear into the inner edges of the pages, so consider this before printing and design your page width accordingly.

    Finally, think about the margins, as they play an important role in how pleasant and convenient your book is to read – you don’t want the text to be too dense, so leaving that white space can make a significant difference.

    Different styles offered by Printivity

    At Printivity, we strive to provide the best possible solution for every client’s situation and offer three different styles of books, each of which have their own advantages.

    Books can be either perfect bound, saddle stitched, or even hardcover bound. Each binding method is unique in price, durability, quality, and presentation. If you need help deciding which binding method is best for your book, please contact our customer service team.

    The hardcover books are the highest-quality option, although it does come at an increase in cost. However, for many, this option is the right way to go, as having a hardcover book ensures that it will not only look stunning but will also last for a long time.

    A hardcover print has a feel of quality that just cannot be matched, and with that considered, the price is actually quite affordable.

    Next on our selection, we have the perfect bound books, which is the most popular binding option for softcover books, providing durability and a sleek finish that will allow your book to last for a long time, even when used.

    This type of binding option offers a smooth and flawless glue bind that provides a comfortable reading experience and allows for a variety of different paper and finishing options.

    Finally, we also offer a saddle stitch printing option, which is the most popular among our clients. It’s a simple, versatile, and economical option that can produce a high-quality and professional-looking finish on a lower budget.

    When you’re printing books that are only needed for a shorter period of time, this option makes a lot of sense because of the cost-savings that it offers.

    Custom book printing for your unique print project

    We’re great at helping customers with their custom book printing projects. For book sizes, we offer a variety of sizes from 5x7 to 12x12. We have paper weights as thin as 60# text to as thick as 100# cover and paper types such as uncoated, gloss, and matte. We also offer UV coating, matte lamination, and clear lamination for your covers. In addition, we offer a variety of finishing services such as shrink wrapping, poly bagging, rounded corners, and even three hole punching.

    We offer cheap book printing

    Printivity has the best prices online for cheap book printing. We print and bind all of our books at our production facilities located here in the United States. To keep our prices low, we rely on the automation of our production print and bindery equipment to keep efficiencies high and errors low. As one of the largest book printing services online, our volume and scale allow us to pass those savings along to you. We’re confident that you won’t find a better price, but if you do, send us a competitive quote and we’ll meet or beat it.


    Bringing a print book to life is a long and complicated process that requires you to consider every little detail.

    Therefore, at Printivity, we offer online book printing that can be customized in countless different ways and are happy to help you make the right decisions every step of the way.

    If you have questions or want help, please call 1-877-649-5463 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

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