How to Design a Product Catalog: Examples & Tips

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Beautifully printed product catalogs are a unique and effective way to showcase your inventory. Many businesses rely heavily on ecommerce sites to sell their products, but there are still many benefits to using a classic print catalog. Here’s why catalogs are still so compelling, along with some product catalog examples to inspire you.   

What are Product Catalogs? 

Catalogs are used to display and market products to your customers. These printed booklets feature photos and detailed descriptions of your products. They also feature pricing information. Some of the best catalog examples from major brands include Wayfair, Williams-Sonoma, and Everlane. Although these businesses primarily operate online, they use catalogs to enhance the consumer experience. 

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The Power of Product Catalogs

Savvy shoppers enjoy browsing catalogs and comparing product options. Here’s why catalogs are such an effective print marketing tool. 

Improved Product Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of using catalogs is that they show off your products in their best light. Clear, attractive product photos make your products visible and allow readers to picture themselves using them in real life. 

Enhanced Brand Presentation

A well-designed catalog does more than just show off your products — it also presents your brand in a positive manner. Reinforce your brand’s identity by using your signature colors, shapes, and fonts throughout your catalog. 

Efficient Product Organization

Catalogs present your products in a very organized manner. A successful catalog example typically has products sorted into different categories with an index at the back. That makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Easy Comparison for Customers

Shopping online can sometimes feel overwhelming, as there are so many different products to choose from. Product catalogs make it easy for readers to compare products from your brand at a glance and make shopping decisions. 

Increased Sales Opportunities

There are so many ways to sell your products using printed catalogs. Many brands send their catalogs directly to a mailing list of subscribers. However, you can also place them in brick-and-mortar stores or include them in your product deliveries to upsell interested customers. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

By offering a printed catalog, you improve the shopping experience for your customers. Nearly 60% of people who usually shop online enjoy receiving printed catalogs in the mail. The experience of browsing a catalog is fun and relaxing for customers, so it presents your brand in a positive light. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Printed catalogs make a significant impact at an affordable price. The exact cost of printing and mailing catalogs varies from project to project. Printing a sample catalog first will give you a better idea of what to expect in the final version. Long-term, catalogs offer ROIs as high as 600%, with a 28% increase in sales.  

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8 Effective Product Catalog Examples

If you’re not sure where to start with your products catalog design, looking at an example of a catalog can provide some inspiration. Here are eight product catalog examples from different industries to help you get started. 

Elegant Furniture Catalogs

Catalogs are particularly popular in the furniture industry, and you can reference many online catalog examples to find the right style. With crystal-clear photography, you can show off each piece’s sleek lines and bold styles. Many furniture catalogs will also showcase their pieces in a fully styled room. That helps customers picture each piece in their home and provides helpful interior design ideas. 

Tech Gadgets Showcase 

Show off your technology in action in a detailed catalog. Tech catalogs should provide detailed specs for each item so readers can easily compare products. Be sure to emphasize each product’s notable features. 

Fashion Lookbooks

High-quality fashion catalogs don’t feel sales-y — they feel like fashion magazines. Feature each item on models to give readers some outfit inspiration. This approach makes shopping fun and encourages readers to buy the latest “it” item. 

Home Essentials Guide

This type of catalog displays an array of kitchen, bathroom, or home improvement products. Readers can browse the catalog to find essential items for their home collection. 

Food & Beverage Catalog

Whet your customers’ appetites with a delectable food and beverage catalog. Make your products look appetizing with detailed photography, and be sure to include copy describing each flavor. 

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Outdoor Adventure Gear Catalog

Show off your outdoor products in action with this catalog. Interspersing product listings with stunning outdoor photography will inspire your readers to go on their own adventures. 

Beauty and Skincare Product Portfolio

Beauty and skincare products often have an air of luxury and elegance. You can play this up in your catalog with sophisticated graphic design and messaging. Include detailed descriptions of each product to help readers build their own skincare routine.  

Health and Wellness Product Brochure

Your health and wellness product brochure should balance product descriptions and appealing imagery. Clean, minimal design elements help the products shine and give your catalog a professional look. 

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Tips for Creating a Compelling Product Catalog Design

Thoughtful design is critical to a successful catalog. Here are tips for creating the best products catalog possible for your brand. 

Prioritize Product Photography

Product photos will make up the bulk of your catalog, so ensuring they are high quality is essential. Work with a professional photographer to capture each product in a flattering light. Be sure to include photos from multiple angles and close-ups of key features.  

Maintain Branding Consistency

Your catalog represents your brand, so use colors and graphic design elements that are consistent with your other marketing materials. The tone of voice in your product descriptions should also represent your brand. 

Organize Products Strategically

Group your products into categories in the catalog, making it easier to skim. You can even use themed graphics for each product category. 

Use High-Quality Graphics

You’ll need high-quality graphics with high resolution for your catalog to look professional. That ensures that everything looks sharp and crystal-clear, without any blurry edges. 

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Craft Engaging Product Descriptions

When designing your catalog, it’s easy to get caught up in the visuals and let the text fall by the wayside. However, engaging product descriptions are key to selling your product. Work with your marketing team to develop descriptions with a bit of fun and personality.

Highlight Key Features

Your customers should immediately be able to tell what each product does and what makes it unique just by reading the description. Highlight important features for each product and include relevant specs when necessary. 

Incorporate White Space

If your product listings, photos, and graphics are too close together, they’ll overwhelm the reader. Incorporating white space balances the catalog and prevents it from feeling too cluttered. 

Utilize a Grid Layout

A grid layout is the easiest way to organize your products on the page. It keeps things symmetrical and looks very sophisticated. 

Pay Attention to Typography

The fonts you choose will have a significant impact on your catalog. Select your typography carefully, opting for fonts that balance style and clarity. Avoid fonts with too many embellishments, as they can be challenging to read. Testing different catalog samples before printing on a large scale will help you assess your font options. 

Choose a Color Scheme Wisely

Your color scheme should reflect your brand’s personality. For example, if your brand is fun and irreverent, you can convey that with bright colors, while cool, minimalist shades feel more serious. 

Ensure Print Quality

Your catalog should look and feel great in your readers’ hands. Opt for durable printing materials that will hold up in the mail. Work with a trustworthy printer that can guide you through the process and bring your vision to life. 

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