Modern Brochure Design Ideas to Inspire You

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It might be challenging to create your brochure from the start, especially if you’re having trouble coming up with an excellent modern brochure design. We’ve all been there a few times as designers and creators. A little brochure design inspiration might sometimes be all you need to get your creativity flowing.

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Which Type of Brochure is the Right One?

The first crucial thing to remember is what your brochure’s objective is. Do you want it to be a product booklet or service or boost brand awareness using a minimalist brochure design? Knowing this before designing your brochure will help you determine what message and material you need to include.

The form, size, media, and folds are all factors to consider while designing a modern booklet design. These tactile qualities of brochure printing influence the design style you pick and how text, photos, and other components are combined.

Here are the most common folding types of company brochure examples:

Tri-Fold brochure


A typical folding option is the tri-fold brochure. It is frequently used in marketing campaigns because it is efficient at showcasing a company, promoting a brand, and highlighting products and services. The tri-fold brochure has two folds that create three double-sided panels, for a total of six panels — 8.5×11″ is the standard size. They’re simple to carry and distribute, fit conveniently into a backpack or pocket, and take up minimal counter space.

If you have any questions or issues with your brochure printing options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Half fold brochure


Half-fold is one of the most frequent and straightforward fold options. A bi-fold or single fold is another name for the half-fold. 

You or a designer can use the half-fold option to show some innovative ideas. This option is ideal for individuals who wish to display huge photographs or add a collection of images on either side of the fold without the fold running across them.

This style is frequently used to show photos of product comparisons, a company menu, or even a map design. Because the layout is customizable in this format, they are also often utilized for corporate enterprises.

They have more content than the other folding alternatives, attracting potential buyers’ and clients’ attention. When choosing this option, keep in mind that they may not fit into a rack often found in supermarkets, hotels, or welcome centers. If this is a problem, the tri-fold option is strongly recommended.

zfold brochure


The Z-fold brochure opens up into a Z-shape and fans out. When you choose this option, three independent panels are created, similar to a tri-fold, but you get a total of six pages. It’s not just a terrific alternative to the tri-fold; it is also a great option for Direct Mail. They’re perfect for companies who want to use them to stuff into an envelope.


The gate folded brochure is a beautiful alternative for creating a dramatic display. It attracts the reader’s attention right away. They provide a large aperture and are characterized as two doors being opened side by side. The sides fold inward and meet in the center when closed.

They provide a smooth effect when closed. This fold creates eight total panels, with the two sides being equal in size and the central panels being somewhat more prominent.

These are ideal for those searching for wide-format business brochures, such as a landscaping company or an architecture firm. The gatefold also helps you present a large amount of information without feeling cluttered.

Be careful to explore the differences between print and digital publications. Brochures are commonly seen in both physical and digital environments. While specific brochure layouts don’t require alterations beyond converting a file to PDF, other print projects don’t translate well to the digital medium. (Tri-fold brochures, in particular, can appear odd.)

7 Trends in Modern Brochure Design

Brochures are an extremely vital aspect of any company’s identification and branding. Whether you’re keeping consumers up-to-date, marketing a new product, or selling your services, you’ll need to keep your customers informed. A lovely, modern brochure design might be an excellent place to start:

1. Bold Colors

In brochure design, color is crucial. It can also be challenging.

When it comes to vivid color and bleeding, the appropriate combination and printing are required to achieve a fantastic result. To guarantee that your pattern comes out perfectly every time, pay special attention to folds and blends.

Neons and vivid colors are prominent styles and add an entertaining, engaging, and unique twist. The purpose of using bright colors in brochure design is to attract people to the printed product and keep them looking at it after they get it.

2. Be Succinct

Remember that you’re not creating a novel but rather delivering a summary of your company, product, or service to potential clients and consumers. Your copy must be brief because you have a limited amount of space. Your viewers will be overwhelmed and confused if you provide too much information.

3. Design Around Typography

A large typeface is a terrific method to create company brochure content samples that lack a lot of photographs or other “made” graphic components. A large, bold font may have a big impression and help users understand the brochure.

Be imaginative when it comes to typography and word creation. Long words with attractive word breaks (such as syllables per line), titling, color, and diverse alignments can add visual interest to letters.

If you’re going to create a brochure with only letters, make sure there’s lots of white space and a clear type hierarchy so the eye can quickly navigate the text.

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4. Limit Your Fonts

On the other hand, using too many typefaces might make your business brochure’s examples appear disorganized. As a result, it’s preferable to keep to one or two typefaces and use varied font sizes and weights to create more hierarchy.

5. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

At the end of your brochure, include a call to action to direct potential clients and consumers to the next logical step. This might contain a phone number to contact for further information or schedule an appointment. It might also refer to directing people to a particular page on your website.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Landscape Layouts

The paper, printing procedures, or orientation are sometimes the most current and fashionable aspects of a print design. While portrait-style brochures are the most common, utilizing a landscape format might help your design stand out.

It can also provide the individual who receives the brochure with a different physical experience.

If your content and graphics allow it, use a landscape orientation for the design. While these brochures might look fantastic, they can become confusing if you press the concept with the incorrect sort of material.

Also, because each page matches a desktop screen layout, landscape orientations for print brochures may perform extraordinarily well as readable PDF brochures in a digital format.

7. Try Utilizing Geometric Shapes

Geometric designs, particularly the cover, may add a lot of interest to a brochure design. The proper form combination may guide the eye through the design, help people concentrate on important material, or act as a significant visual device.

Geometric forms are matched with a monotone color palette for a cohesive appearance and feel in some of the most popular applications.

Additional picture components may or may not be used in these brochure designs, and this style might be a good choice if you don’t have a lot of other photographs. You can also use smaller black-and-white photos with geo shapes to provide enough visual appeal to keep the design moving.

When using geometric forms in a modern brochure design, try to stick to one shape and utilize it consistently.

Choose the Right Brochure Designs With Printivity

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