How to Become a Creative Person: The Ultimate Guide

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We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

We’ve all experienced those frustrating moments when we’re supposed to think of a fantastic new idea but can’t seem to come up with anything excellent, no matter how hard we stare at our computer displays.

That’s when we glance across at our classmates who are “creative types” and wonder why we didn’t inherit any of their creative DNA.

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However, while most of us have a spirit of creativity, whether great or little, it is asleep in far too many of us. Fortunately, it may be reawakened with the simplest of acts. Find out how to become a creative with this handy guide.

What is a Creative?

Being a creative entails approaching an issue in a novel way. It involves shifting your viewpoint.

Essentially, a “creative” in the most accurate meaning, is someone who comes up with new ideas and uses their creativity to produce something unique. 

Clients typically have something particular they want the world to know, such as a new product launch or rebranding their messaging.

It’s then up to a creative to develop the most distinctive and memorable ideas to get the word out to the general audience. However, to be a creative, you’ll need a lot of brilliant ideas, a good sense of design, and the ability to think critically, among other things.

Taking chances and dismissing doubts and worries are all part of how to be more creative. Being creative entails looking for inspiration in unexpected areas. It involves deviating from the norm to try something new over and over again. It consists of plotting out a thousand alternative paths to get to a single destination and putting oneself to the test daily.

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15 Ways to Become More Creative for Work or Play

We don’t wait until there’s a compelling need to come up with good ideas. Rather, it is a talent you can use daily to solve issues and identify possibilities in life.

Here are a few ways to be creative, as well as a few pointers to aid you along the way:

1. Begin with a Short Writing Session

We’ve all had those days where we go into the workplace, and all we can think about is our long to-do list. However, focusing entirely on how much work we have to complete might cause us to become stressed and even lose perspective on our thoughts.

Instead of diving directly into your tasks when you arrive at work, the first step of how to get creative is to set aside 10 minutes and sit down with a notebook and paper to simply write. 

Unlike a blog or other public-facing piece of material, a physical journal is your private collection of ideas that don’t have to make sense to anybody except you. Allowing your creative juices to flow while also forcing you to put your thoughts into written words can assist you in writing in a more free-form approach.

2. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Creative people are continually on the hunt for new ideas. They may accomplish this by becoming more aware and practicing mindfulness, consciously observing things. One of the primary tactics of becoming a creative is not categorizing individuals you encounter based on your expectations or mental categories. Instead, strive to be open, inquire, and avoid categorizing others.

3. Change Your Perspective of Yourself

Probably one of the hardest yet most impactful steps of how to become more creative is to change your viewpoint of yourself. Researchers discovered that persons who regard themselves as lucky are more likely to notice objects than those who view themselves as unlucky. Because they have this viewpoint, they also take advantage of unforeseen chances and network effectively with others. People who view themselves as unlucky tend to be anxious and fixated on limited aims, missing out on possibilities.

4. Embrace Boredom

On your path of learning how to become a creative, you’ve most likely stumbled across a trend of digital dopamine detoxing. Essentially, this can be boiled down to learning how to appreciate boredom. Studies suggest that boredom encourages us to think more deeply and creatively. According to the hypothesis, a bored mind seeks stimulus, which leads to daydreaming. This ultimately leads to new ideas. So, give your thoughts some breathing room instead of occupying every spare minute with distractions. 

5. Carve Out Some Time for Travel

Because your brain’s wiring affects your creativity, it’s critical to keep your mind challenged with new sights, sounds, tastes, scents, and experiences. Maintaining your senses permits your brain’s synapses to think in new ways. Through a fresh cultural encounter, expose yourself to a whole different point of view.

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6. Don’t Let Small Mishaps Hamper Your Progress

Regarding how to get more creative, many people forget to embrace small mistakes. For example, penicillin was discovered through a moldy sandwich. Many innovations came about due to someone studying an accident rather than brushing it aside.

7. Look at the World With New Eyes

Take the time to travel the world to develop new and fascinating ventures. A stroll through a new neighborhood or a weekend getaway might offer you a new perspective on your surroundings. 

8. Explore Your Artistic Side

When you were younger and bored, there’s a good chance that one of your favorite things to do was to grab a notepad and some markers and start drawing with no end in mind. Whether it was dragons, mermaids, or the solar systems, you simply did it for the sheer fun of it.

Well, now that you’re an adult, you’ve probably eschewed this habit, but in an effort of becoming more creative, it’s time to bring it back.

Don’t fight the impulse to doodle during your next conference call since the act of generating art of any type fires up all kinds of connections in the brain. After all, it’s so rejuvenating for the mind and spirit to produce art just for the sake of doing it. Plus, it’s an easy step of how to become more artistic in itself.

9. Embrace Limited Resources

Limiting oneself may seem contradictory, yet it may allow your creativity to blossom. It’s far better to use what you have around you than spend a lot of money making anything. It’s about being creative with what you have and recognizing the value in the constraints you have.

10. Engage in Physical Activity

Studies have demonstrated physical activity helps you break free from left-brain dominance and adopt a more creative perspective. Exercise also improves mental clarity by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

11. Spend Less Time with Your Phone

If you want to learn how to be imaginative, this may be the hardest step to abide by. While social networking is a terrific way to display your work, it isn’t the best approach to staying focused and preventing distractions. Make an effort only to check your email three times a day and just for a few minutes each time. This habit will help you avoid procrastination and maintain attention by preventing internet activities from dictating your day. Shutting down your phone for most of the workday can save you time and allow you to be more creative.

12. Project into the Future

Imagine yourself five years from now as a huge success. Make a list of as many details as you can on how this success appears. Then write out how you got there, asking yourself questions like “What was your first step toward your goal?” or “What was one early difficulty, and how did you overcome it?”

13. Produce More Ideas Than You’ll Require

People who can create a large number of ideas (both good and bad) are considerably more likely to produce more fantastic ideas than those who just have a few ideas to start with. Set aside time for free writing and come up with as many solutions to an issue as your mind can think of, even if they sound ridiculous. Keep in mind that creative individuals usually have more misses than hits because they generate so many ideas.

14. Make a List of Unique Applications for Everyday Items

What are some creative uses for a toilet paper roll, an empty water bottle, or an egg carton? Allow yourself five minutes to make a lengthy list. Don’t be concerned about whether or not your ideas are foolish.

15. Don’t Feel Pressured to Finish a Task Right Away

If you leave a task partially completed at the end of the day, it may be simpler to pick it up the next day. This is because cognitive strands are left dangling in your head, and while you go about your non-work activities, your subconscious may latch on to them and provide you with an unexpected insight.

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