Here’s Why You Need a QR Code Business Card

QR Code business card

Last updated on October 30th, 2023 at 08:56 am

The world is filled with QR codes. You can find them on posters, packaging, websites, and even restaurant menus. The codes, which look like a series of black and white gibberish, are used for everything from tracking packages to providing customer service to ordering dinner. And now, savvy professionals are using them on business cards.

A business card is already one of the easiest ways to share your contact information with someone, so why not make it even easier? With a QR code business card, potential new clients or prospective business partners can simply scan the code for instant connection. 

If you’re tired of handing out boring, old-fashioned business cards, spice up your networking game with QR codes. Not only will it make you more memorable, but it shows that you’re up to date with the latest technology. In this article, we’ll discuss how QR codes work, why they’re a great option, and how to design a QR code business card. 

QR Code on a cell phone

What is a QR Code? 

A QR (Quick Response) code is a square matrix code that can be scanned to provide information about a product or service. When scanned, a QR code typically loads a website, app or whatever information is designated by the owner. QR codes are similar to the unique barcodes listed on physical products in stores. If you’ve ever been through self checkout at the supermarket, you’re familiar with this process. Each of the black squares and dots represent specific pieces of information, creating a unique pattern that is translated into human-readable data when scanned.

Although QR codes are typically small and simple in their design, they are capable of holding a significant amount of information. Thanks to this, and their ability to translate information in mere seconds, QR codes have exploded in popularity over the years. So much so that smartphone cameras now have built-in QR scanners. QR code cards are commonly used in marketing and advertising, used to spread the word about products, events, and more. Recently, they have also been essential in helping to track the spread of coronavirus

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With so many uses for these codes, it’s not surprising that business professionals are taking advantage. With their easy scannability and small size, it’s also easy to fit them on business cards. QR codes are here to stay, so why not join the movement?

What Can a QR Code on a Business Card Link to? 

As many as 4,000 characters of text may be contained in a QR code’s data field, used for anything from a link to a website to a downloadable file. You can use QR codes to:

  • Link directly to an app 
  • Verify contact information
  • Link to your website or social media
  • Link to a signup or scheduling page
  • Offer payment details

QR codes on business cards can be used for a variety of purposes. The first step in determining what works best for you is to figure out where and when you’ll be sharing it, as well as what you want your business card to be used for. Chances are you’ll have more success if you understand your target demographic. Ask yourself questions to figure out what your needs are, such as:

  • Are you attending an industry-specific networking event?
  • Is your target age demographic highly active on specific social media sites (Gen Z on TikTok, Millennials on Instagram, etc.)? 
  • Do you want people to be able to easily schedule appointments using your card? 
  • What types of professionals do you expect to be meeting in the future? 

Your business card QR code should be designed to accommodate your business needs, as well as the needs of those who will be scanning it. Here are some of most common use cases of QR codes on business cards:

Call to Action

The whole point of a business card is providing people an easy way to contact you. However, remember that the QR code is meant to provide additional information to what’s already printed on the card. You most likely already have your name and contact details listed on the physical card. Instead of linking to it again, have your QR code scan to a “Sign Up” page or a social media account. The mystery of the QR code itself is likely to pique their curiosity — they want to know what it links to — so use that curiosity to your advantage. 

Send a Pre-Written Message

This is another form of call to action, making it easier for potential customers to proactively engage with your services because you’ve already done the work for them. You can set your business card’s QR code to automatically send a text message asking for more information, requesting a quote, or subscribing to text alerts. Once they scan, all they need to do is press send and it’ll arrive in your inbox. With one simple QR code, you’ve increased your brand awareness, captured a lead, and snagged their contact info. Win-win-win! 

Schedule Appointments

Make it easy for new and existing clients to schedule appointments with a QR code. You can set your QR code to link directly to your appointments page, cutting down time on their end navigating your website. This is especially helpful when trying to land new clients, as people are more likely to actually go through with making an appointment if the process is quick and easy. 

Special Promotions

Promotional discounts or freebies are all great opportunities for QR codes, the easy access making it nearly impossible for people to say no to a great deal. This is a great option for promotional events, pop-ups or trade shows where you can hand out QR code cards to attendees. This increases brand awareness, drives revenue and increases organic traffic to your website. 

Provide Access to Your Store’s Location

This is a great marketing tool if you want to increase foot traffic to a physical location or are opening a new store. By linking to the location on a map, you’re providing fast access to your location. You can either hand these out at local events or arrange to leave them in nearby stores to encourage visitors to stop by. 

Link to Your Business’s Virtual Showroom

Easy access to online shopping is the ultimate way to use a QR code for business cards. Using 3D models, you can link an interactive showroom to showcase your collection of products. This not only streamlines the shopping experience, but it also makes a lasting impression on your customers. In addition, you’ll have access to critical metrics about the customer journey.

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The Benefits of Business Cards with QR Codes

Having a QR code on a business card is a great way to promote your business while giving your customers an interactive option for where to get more information. Here are a few benefits of using QR business cards:

Unlimited Digital Space 

Business cards are typically small and rectangular with limited design space. Even if you utilize the back of the card, there’s only so much physical space available. Not to mention, well-designed business cards typically aren’t crowded with information — they follow a sleek and minimalist design. A QR code business card eliminates the physical constraints of a business card and provides access to unlimited information. By handing someone a QR business card, you can hand them your entire website.

Encourages Action on the Spot

The modern consumer is busy and their time has never been more valuable. Not to mention, they’re bombarded by marketing efforts everywhere they turn. When they receive a QR code business card from a person (you) in real life, they’re more likely to take action on the spot. By being able to quickly scan the code, they can easily get the information they need, make a decision, and take action. With a QR code, they can simply scan and go. 

Track Metrics

Business cards are essential for gaining new clients and increasing profits, but there’s no way to track marketing efforts with traditional business cards. QR codes can be tracked, making it easier to not only identify where particular leads come from, but measure the campaign’s efficacy. You can now see how many people scanned the code and whether they were converted from a lead to a customer. 

QR Business card on a notepad and flyer

How to Put a QR Code on a Business Card

The value of adding a QR code to business cards is undeniable. So how can you get in on the action? 

  1. Decide what the QR code is for

Before you get started on creating your card, it’s important that you have a clear idea what your QR code will be used for. As we discussed before, linking to a URL is the most commonly utilized feature and offers a wide variety of options. 

  1. Fill in the details

The QR code won’t work if you don’t fill in the information correctly. Follow these steps to easily create a QR Code. Make sure you read the instructions carefully — you don’t end up in the embarrassing situation where a potential client scans a code that doesn’t work or results in a “Page Not Found.” Once you’ve generated your code, download and save it. Make sure to test your code to ensure it works. 

  1. Add to your card’s design

Now it’s time to incorporate your QR card into your business card’s design. It’s best to put it off to the side so that it doesn’t block the printed text, but it should still catch the eye. Make sure that the trim around the QR code is straight and even, as you don’t want your code too close to the edge. Lastly, make sure the QR code is large enough to scan but not so large that it drowns out the rest of the design.

  1. Send it to Printivity 

After you’ve finalized your designs, send them to Printivity for high-quality QR code business cards! Our design team will help you master the nuances of your card, checking every order to ensure it has the right look and feel. 

Promote Your Brand with Printivity

Now that you know how to future-proof your contact details, it’s time to get started on your QR code business card. With a variety of unique and high-quality styles, we can help you make your designs a reality. Work with our graphic designers to find the perfect look for your business cards, as well as the best way to position your QR code for the most traction. Get in touch with Printivity today to learn about our business card printing options and start promoting your brand today!


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