Why Print Should Be Part Of Every Marketing Campaign

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Last updated on June 21st, 2024 at 04:50 pm

Everything seems to be digital these days, from how you communicate to how you take in entertainment. It is no secret that most things are now done online that used to be done in person, so you may be questioning why you should even invest in anything print, including print marketing. Contrary to what some may argue, print is not dead. Print is in fact very much alive and something you should be incorporating into your marketing strategy if you are not already. Here is why print is not dead, and why you should still prioritize it.

Print marketing leaves a lasting impression

While a majority of things may be digital, print materials leave a more lasting impression on people than digital content. Why? Because it is tangible and evokes a more intense emotional response than something you ingest via your eyes from a digital screen. Being able to hold something and take it in with multiple senses is more impactful and memorable. People tend to multitask when they are on their phones, likely taking in multiple things at once. This means what they are taking in is not the center of their attention and they will likely forget it soon thereafter.

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On top of staying front of mind longer, print marketing also physically stays with you longer. People are much more likely to hang on to a nice quality print out such as a brochure or business card than an email or digital message. There is just something about a nice physical item that holds more value and is harder to toss in the trash than an email is. Hand someone a business card and they are likely to leave it on their desk or at least throw it in a drawer and hold on to it for months, or even years. It may not be front of mind at all times, but they will see it when they walk by or go through the drawer and be reminded of you and your business. Every impression matters.

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Overwhelming digital communication

According to a 2021 study by Business of Apps Research, in the US, the average smartphone user gets 46 push notifications every single day. People are getting overwhelmed by technology, and it is not surprising why with all of these notifications buzzing incessantly.

Let’s look at email for instance. Email open rate averages vary depending on industry, but the overall average rate hovers around 18% for the year of 2021. You are probably wondering why there is such a significant difference. Let’s think about our own email inboxes for a second. How many emails on average do you think you receive per day? The answer is probably too many. How many times do you briefly glance at an email and immediately determine it’s worthy of the trash? Likely a majority of the time. A single person receives on average 121 emails per day. That is a lot of emails and notifications to deal with on top of everything else lobbying for your attention.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I do not have the time nor the mental capacity to thoughtfully go through 121 emails every single day. Many of them go straight to the trash unopened.

Now let’s look at direct mail. According to a study by the United States Postal Service, there has been a decline in mail volume every year since 2006. 2006 saw a whopping 213 billion units, while 2021 saw just 128.9 billion units. Still a lot, but significantly less than 2006. While mail volume has dropped, direct mail response rates are increasing. In that same time period, response rates grew significantly, reaching nearly 90%. This is likely due to the fact that there is less mail to sift through, but this most definitely does not mean that print is dead or dying at all. 

Print marketing is cost-effective

Displaying your ads on social media networks, websites and even the television can get expensive. Print marketing provides a very reasonable alternative.

If you have the budget, paying for an ad on the television may not be a big deal, but for smaller businesses on a budget, it does not make sense to shell out that kind of money for such a short and limited time slot. Rather, consider investing in printed materials that will last and can be used over and over again.

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A banner can be displayed in your store, but you can also roll it up and bring it on the road if you’re traveling to events. You can easily get multiple uses out of this one banner, making it well worth the money. What’s even better is you can opt for special finishes that will ensure your banner lasts even longer. Printivity offers a variety of options that will help you create the best marketing materials for your needs. Opt for heat welded hemming on all sides of your banner to avoid fraying, or choose heavy duty vinyl matte to ensure your banner withstands travel and the elements.  

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Print is versatile

Digital is great in the sense that you can post on a variety of platforms, but you are still limited in terms of things such as size and style. You are able to post videos and pictures, which do not get me wrong, is fantastic, but you are not able to do something such as plaster an ad the size of a billboard over Times Square, while also handling that same ad out in person in the form of a handy little business card. Digital and print both have their pros and cons. Print marketing allows you to print your ad in so many different ways. You can print postcards, magazines, brochures, something for literally any occasion. A digital ad can only be used in so many ways. 

Keep your momentum going

For the ultimate success, you should combine both digital and print marketing strategies to maximize your efforts. While it may not be the only option anymore, print is certainly not dead. You can easily repurpose your digital ads into print marketing materials. If you’re ready, contact Printivity at 1-877-649-5463 with any questions or to get started with your print project.


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