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When you think of a business card, you likely think of a small rectangular card with someone’s personal name, business name and some contact information. While that information is important, an effective business card needs more than just that. There are so many ways to spice up that little card. Gone are the days of bland white business cards. Follow these simple steps to design an effective business card for yourself and your employees.

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Only include what is important

You may be tempted to include as much information as possible. You want to educate your audience, after all. While that is important, there are other marketing materials you can use for that purpose. A business card should be informative, but in a way that your audience can easily digest. Going over the top and including as much information as possible is likely to overwhelm your audience and turn them off. Instead of overloading them with unnecessary details, include only key information. The primary goal of a business card is to get someone to contact you, but there is no need to include every single social media you have. Most likely, you have one or two channels that are more popular than the rest. Consider only including those primary channels on your business card. 

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Legibility is key

Fun fonts and different colors are fun, but you want your audience to be able to read your business card. While designing, make sure your fonts are not too small or too difficult to read. If you do need to use a smaller font, consider a sans serif font, as that will be easier to read than a script or serif font. Similarly, if you are opting to use colors, make sure you choose colors that complement each other, rather than clash so badly they are unreadable. For example, green text on a red background, or vice versa, is particularly hard for many people to read.

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Leave white space

Another reason you don’t want to cram as much information as possible on your business cards is to allow for white space. Leaving white space on business cards is important for a few reasons. The first reason being that white space allows space for notes. When handing out business cards face to face, you tend to strike up conversations with the recipients. Maybe you want to write down a phone number or something else that is not already on the business card, or maybe the recipient wants to take note of something you mentioned in the conversation. Having that white space on your business cards provides the perfect note-taking space. Another reason white space is important to consider is from a design standpoint. White space helps emphasize the areas where there is a design, such as the logo or text.

Include a call to action

A business card is often viewed as a contact card and nothing else. They are overlooked as prime marketing materials, when in reality, they can do so much more than just provide a phone number and website. Even a simple business card can spare some room for a small CTA. Come up with a short message to include that offers your audience a discount, some useful information or directs them to your website or storefront.

Design multipurpose business cards

Give your business cards a second purpose beyond just providing contact information to your audience. You can use the backside for something such as appointment reminders, loyalty stamps, etc. For example, if you are a dentist office, you could create a space on the backside to fill out upcoming appointment details, such as the date and time. There are so many ways you could repurpose your business cards, ensuring they last longer and make an even stronger impression.

Print them professionally

Printing business cards yourself might be tempting. You may save yourself a few dollars, sure, but you will be sacrificing a lot by going that route, and in the end, it won’t be worth it. Business cards are not the place to cut corners and try to save some money. They really aren’t that expensive when it comes down to it. A professionally printed business card on quality material will speak volumes to your audience as opposed to homemade and likely low-quality business cards. 

By using a professional printer, you are opening yourself up to endless possibilities when it comes to materials, coating and more. Printivity offers six unique business card styles, from classic to kraft to ultra-durable triple-layer stock. You can also choose from uncoated, gloss, matte or soft touch finish for many of the options. Want to get really fancy? Opt for rounded corners for a striking finished product. Impress your prospective client with quality marketing materials, starting with your business cards.

What to Put on the Back of a Business Card

Wondering what to put on a card back? While the front is reserved for essential contact information, the back of your business card is a great opportunity to showcase your company and brand in a new and exciting way. Here are some of the best ideas for making the most of the back of your business card.

List of Services

A good idea for what to put on the back of a business card is a brief list of your company’s services. This works well for freelancers, consultants, and businesses with various offerings. By adding this to your business card, you can quickly show potential clients what they can expect when they work with you. For example, a marketing consultant could list services like “Social Media Management,” “Content Creation,” and “SEO Strategy” on the back of their business card.


The back of business card ideas often includes eye-catching imagery, especially for creative professionals like photographers, graphic designers, or artists. Showcasing a sample of your work on the back of your business card can help you stand out and demonstrate your skills. For example, a photographer might display a captivating photo they took, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Special Offers

One idea for what to put on the back of a business card is to include special offers or discounts. This can incentivize potential clients to sign up for your services or find out more about your company. For instance, a hair salon could offer a free haircut for new customers, or a retail store might provide a coupon code for online shopping.

QR Code

Adding a QR code to the back of your business card is an excellent way to link to your website, social media profiles, or other digital content. Users can quickly access your online presence and explore your brand by scanning the code with their smartphone. A restaurant, for example, could use a QR code to direct customers to their online menu, while an event planner might link to a portfolio of past events.


Putting quotes on business cards backs can help build trust and credibility for your business. Featuring a positive testimonial from a satisfied client on your business card back can demonstrate the value you provide. This idea can be particularly effective for professionals in industries like real estate or personal training. For example, a real estate agent might feature a testimonial from a happy homebuyer, while a personal trainer could include a quote from a client who achieved their fitness goals.

Appointment Reminders

For businesses that rely on appointments, using the back of your business card as a space for appointment reminders is a practical idea. Create a designated area for writing down the date and time of upcoming appointments, making it easy for clients to keep track of their schedules.

Loyalty Program

Your list of back of business card ideas can also include loyalty programs. Rewarding loyal customers is a great way to retain clients and encourage repeat business. Use the back of your business card as a loyalty card, featuring a stamp or punch system to track visits or purchases. When designing a loyalty program, ensure the terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand. If necessary, include a link or QR code that directs customers to a webpage with more detailed information about the program. Integrating a well-designed loyalty program and featuring it on your business card can strengthen customer relationships and enhance brand loyalty.

Networking or Social Media Information

For professionals who are active on social media or attend networking events, including your social media handles or networking interests on the business card back design can help forge connections. This approach is beneficial for those looking to expand their network or collaborate with like-minded individuals.

There are many creative options for what to put on the back of a business card. When deciding what goes on the back of a business card, consider your target audience, industry, and the message you want to convey. With the right business card back side design, you can leave a lasting impression on your recipients and make your card a powerful marketing tool.

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