Guide to Choosing Kraft versus White Shipping Boxes

White and kraft shipping boxes

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022 at 03:31 pm

Custom shipping boxes have risen in popularity in recent years, and we think that it’s here to stay. If this is your first time looking into this product, don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand everything you need to know.

Corrugated shipping boxes are durable. They have gone through one of two tests that guarantee that they will protect your product on their journey to your customers’ doorstep. Make sure that you choose a supplier that cares about your products just as much as you do. This is why Printivity carefully chooses shipping boxes that guarantee your products will be delivered in perfect condition.

Keep the branding experience going, even after your customer orders from you. When they receive their shipping box, they are reminded of your brand. Create an experience with your box that they will want to share with all their friends on social media. E-Commerce isn’t going anywhere, so take advantage of this marketing opportunity. 

Now that you’re ready to get started on this new venture, you need to know the difference between kraft versus white shipping boxes. Make an informed decision to see which box color will benefit your business the most.

Brown Shipping Boxes

  • Matte/uncoated texture
  • Classic brown hides imperfections from transportation
  • Sustainable and recyclable
  • Best for dark ink and/or minimalist designs
brown shipping box with burned orange custom printing

Brown shipping boxes, or also referred to as kraft corrugated shipping boxes, are the classic box appearance that you’re used to. The natural uncoated texture on kraft boxes has the ability to hide marks and imperfections that are sure to happen during the shipping journey.

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These are highly regarded for many reasons, but as environmental consciousness grows in our society, the top reason is that they are the most sustainable box option. Kraft corrugated shipping boxes aren’t bleached, like white corrugated cardboard, which means that they are the purest form of paper. Show your customers that you are environmentally conscious by choosing recyclable custom brown shipping boxes.

Dark color inks, such as black, burgundy, dark brown, and dark green, are the best colors to choose for printing on kraft boxes. Let the box do all of the talking and choose a simple design to print. The uncoated finish and brown color against a minimalist black printed design creates a bold look that will leave an impression.

White Corrugated Cardboard

  • Premium option
  • A smooth white finish creates true to color prints
  • Use the white space as part of your design 
  • Ideal for complex designs with bright colors and full-bleed designs
white corrugated cardboard shipping box with custom green printing

White corrugated cardboard usually comes at a higher price point. But with all of their printing benefits, it’s no wonder why they are the more premium option. 

If you can’t decide between kraft versus white shipping boxes, but your design is color-critical, stop what you’re doing. We have the answer. 

The white background allows for colors to print true to color. Bright colors are guaranteed to pop! Unlike the kraft boxes’ uncoated texture, the white boxes are smooth to the touch. The sleek finish is ideal for complex designs that will show every small detail. 

Take advantage of the white space. White ink cannot be printed on the kraft boxes, so choose white boxes to use the white background as part of your design. Printivity was able to stay on brand by choosing white shipping boxes and only had to design for the blue of their logo.

Keep in mind that the inside of the white shipping boxes is kraft. However, customers won’t realize this until the box is opened and they’re distracted by their purchase. The kraft interior isn’t noticeable when your boxes are packaged up for shipping.

Color printing sample on white and brown shipping boxes compared side to side
Take a look at the difference between white and kraft boxes. Colors appear more vibrant on white corrugated cardboard and colors appear more rustic and natural on brown shipping boxes.

Free Box Design Printivity

We understand that you may not be a designer, but you know your brand. This is why Printivity wants you to skip the stress by letting us design for you for FREE. If you already have the assets that you want to be included on your shipping box, send them to us and we’ll complete the design for you to approve. Or work directly with our experienced graphic designers who will bring your vision to life! We offer full graphic design for shipping box orders over 100 quantity. This will save you time and money from having to hire a graphic designer who may not be familiar with intricate details of a shipping box.

Whichever you choose in kraft versus white shipping boxes, Printivity guarantees you’ll be happy with your product. Our satisfaction guaranteed policy is extended to all of our products, which includes shipping boxes. Printivity offers the fastest turnaround times for custom shipping boxes. So don’t wait any longer, and order from Printivity now to start your branded shipping box journey! If you have any questions, contact us at


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