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Last updated on June 21st, 2024 at 04:28 pm

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Use print marketing as a tool for expanding your company’s presence in your local community and make your name known. It might seem daunting to get started with print marketing but we’ve broken down the initial steps to help ease the fear. 

Decide Your Mission

Take every aspect of this project one step at a time. Before thinking about the fonts, images, color combinations, decide what your mission is. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to sell a new or existing product/service, attract new customers, or increase brand recognition? Each avenue needs to be approached in different ways. 

Where Can You Reach Your Audience?

Once you have locked down what you want to sell, now find out where you can reach your targeted audience. Know as much as you can about the demographic of your customer base. What are their interests that overlap with what you are selling? Where do they gather?

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Choose What Print Products Has The Best Reach

Choosing the print product is one of the easier steps of this process because you have already decided on your mission and where to reach your customers. Each print product has its strength at catching attention in different ways. Posters and banners are best used in crowded areas to get a wide reach. More personal products, such as brochures, folders, and business cards, can be passed out in more intimate settings with your niche group of customers. You can reach customers easily at their homes when using postcards with mailing services. If you already have a mailing list of existing customers, use direct mail. If you are wanting to reach a whole new local market, reach specific zip codes with EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). When you need to showcase all of your products and services, choose a catalog or magazine, such as a saddle stitch booklet or perfect bound book, that can beautifully display everything you have to offer.

Hot Tip #1

Business Cards are the ultimate print marketing tool! Create a design that perfectly reflects your brand. Then add your contact information and your physical and/or website address. It’s as simple as that to get started! Get creative! Create appointment cards, coupons, or punch cards!

Create Your Content

You’re almost there! This step of the process will be the most time-consuming step of starting print marketing. You know what you want to accomplish with your campaign and how much space you have to work with, so now you need to remember a couple of points to always include in your design.

  • The headline should be intriguing and clearly state what the copy is about.
  • Direct customers what to do next with a clear Call To Action (CTA).
  • Don’t just sell. Tell them what sets you apart from competitors!
  • Brand colors and logos distinguish you from competitors.

If you are unable to create your own design, don’t worry! Printivity offers design services every step of the way. Whether you need help adjusting the file to be print ready or to create a design from scratch, we are here to help! 

Hot Tip #2 and have thousands of high-quality images for all industries! Quality images make a difference with marketing materials but you don’t need to pay big bucks to get them!

Order From Printivity

Printivity offers a wide variety of high-quality print marketing products at a competitive price! Our easy to use instant price quoter will immediately update the cost of your order when any change is made. If you have questions along the way, contact our dedicated customer representative team for quick solutions. Market and promote your business with online printing at Printivity!

Infographic – How To Get Started In Print Marketing

Infographic with 5 steps and 3 tips for starting print marketing.


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