How To Write Wedding Thank You Cards

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Last updated on July 19th, 2021 at 02:30 pm

When it comes to writing wedding thank you messages, most newlyweds realize they don’t know all the rules. Although it may seem like a simple task that doesn’t require much thought, wedding thank you card wording needs to make sense, and it needs to articulate your gratitude on a personal level. It’s not rocket science, but you still need to be prepared so you don’t accidentally insult any of your guests.

The best way to prepare for writing thank you wedding cards is to create draft notes about each present as you receive it. The details will help you create personal notes that don’t sound generic. When it comes time to write and send the notes, here are our best tips for how to knock your wedding card thank-yous out of the park.

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General Wedding Card Etiquette

A few decades ago, there was a wedding thank you card protocol that allowed the newlywed couple up to a whole year to mail the cards. However, the world has changed its pace, and the current acceptable timeline is three months after the wedding.

Take the time to thank your guests properly and to express how much they mean to you. Everyone who came to the wedding must get a charming, personalized thank you card. With so many people to please, choosing the right layout for your cards is always tricky, but all the interesting templates Prinitivity offers will make this job way easier. We’re happy to help you choose the one that perfectly fits your wedding theme and allows you to express gratitude in style.   

Wedding Thank You Tips: Dos

Writing thank you notes for wedding should be easy and enjoyable. Here are some tips to simplify the process and help you get the most out of your card writing:

  • DO send the cards within three months after the wedding.
  • DO send out the cards to everyone who attended, regardless of the gift they brought.
  • DO some thinking about wedding thank you card wording and make sure each card is warm and personal.
  • DO be specific about the gifts when writing the notes so that you can add a personal touch to each of them.
  • DO at least sign the cards by hand. You may add typed messages to save time, but make sure your signature is handwritten.

Wedding Thank You Tips: Don’ts

Where there are dos, there are also don’ts. If you were wondering what to avoid when writing wedding thank you cards, note the following list:

  • DON’T specify the amount of money you’ve received in the case of a cash gift. Instead, mention how you plan on using it.
  • DON’T forget to create your drafts and make notes of each gift as you receive and open it. It will make the process so much easier.
  • DON’T forget about all the people who helped around the wedding, even if they couldn’t make it and attend the big day.
  • DON’T write the wedding card by yourself. It should be a joint effort from both newlyweds.

How To Thank Someone For Their Wedding Gift

Here are some examples of handling wedding thank you cards wording in various scenarios:

  • Registry gifts: people who got you something from your registry should know the gift was something you wanted badly. You may also want to mention how happy you are with your experiences using it.
  • Off the registry: People often ignore the registry and bring a present you never wanted. Whether you’re thrilled with that crystal vase or not, you should find something positive to say about it.
  • Group gifts: If a group of friends pooled their money on your gift, each person should get a thank you note. However, it’s a good idea to mention the group in each of the notes, too. Show appreciation for the gift and for having the group by your side on your big day.

How To Thank Those Who Helped Out

Frequently, people contribute to a wedding in many ways that don’t include bringing a physical gift. Some cousins may help with wedding planning, and a talented friend may play your favorite songs at the ceremony, while another one may help by supplying delicious desserts, etc. Often, the parents of the newlyweds help out financially or contribute in some other way, and let’s not forget the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Make sure you thank each person that dedicated their time or resources to make your wedding unforgettable. Show gratitude for all the help they’ve done and let them know the day wouldn’t be perfect if it weren’t for their help. Everyone who helped out in any way should feel appreciated.

How To Thank Those Who Gifted Money

While it’s not tasteful to explicitly mention how much money you got as a gift, wedding thank you wording for people who gifted cash shouldn’t be generic. Instead of blatantly thanking for a precise amount, you should mention how you plan on spending the cash. Mention how it’s going to come handy for buying something meaningful while you’re on your honeymoon or let them know how their generous gift helped you invest in a quality item both you and your new spouse always wanted.

The gift of cash may not seem like something your guests have put much thought into, but your wedding gift message should be personal and thoughtful.

How To Thank Those Whose Gift May Have Missed The Mark

Wedding thank you card wording may be a little difficult when you don’t like the present. The correct way of writing a wedding thank you card for a present that missed the mark is to focus on the person and the gift itself. Find something positive to say about the gift, and don’t forget to mention how you enjoyed it. More importantly, focus on the giver and say how thankful you are to have them in your life. You should also make sure they know how much it means to you that they were able to make your big day special by attending.

When you know what to write on a wedding card, all you need to do is choose how you’d like your cards to look. The layout of your cards is just as important as the wedding thank you card wording. The best way to go is to choose customizable cards.

Printivity offers various dimension templates for you to choose from. Adapt your style to your custom wedding cards to make them personal and memorable. Your wedding card game can easily be elevated when you have curated options to choose from and a professional ready to help you with your choice.


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