6 Unexpected Ways Print Marketing Can Grow Your Business

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Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 03:18 pm

We live and work in a digital world. These days, people get the majority of their marketing and advertising messages from Facebook, Twitter, and Google Ads. But contrary to popular belief, print marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive. Brands that don’t make it an integral part of their marketing toolkit is missing out on a cost-effective way to drive more qualified leads and sales. 

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Benefits of print marketing

Several factors have to come together to spur a reemergence of print marketing. New printing solutions help make print media faster and more affordable. At the same time, people are getting tired of the constant flow of digital marketing messages on web pages and those sent to their social media sites and cell phones. 

In fact, unplugging, the act of consciously taking time away from digital devices, is a growing trend. Numerous studies and articles have reported on the negative effects of too much screen time. Over the years, people are increasingly putting down their smartphones and becoming more open to print marketing when it’s done well and targeted to their interests.

Other benefits of print marketing include:

Print readers have longer attention spans

When reading online, people tend to scan rather than read in-depth. They want to get the key points of a blog, article, or advertisement and then move on. That’s why you’ll find a lot of subheads, bulleted lists, and short sentences on web pages, so readers can quickly scan the information. Print readers aren’t in such a hurry. They are more likely to read the entire piece, which makes them more receptive to marketing messages.

People like the tangible feel of a printed marketing piece.

Both digital and print marketing rely heavily on sight. But print marketing adds a sensory experience (touch and feel) that digital messages cannot. Holding a flyer, brochure, or catalog in their hands encourages people to slow down and allows them to become immersed in the images and stories. Even direct mail holds the attention of consumers longer, generates stronger emotions, and has a more significant impact on consumer purchase decisions.

Multiple options provide effective targeting

From banners and posters to brochures, business cards, flyers, sell sheets, and more, print marketing provides a broad array of options for delivering your marketing messages. This diversity allows for precise targeting of your messages to the right audiences. For example, you can run an ad in the section of a newspaper or magazine your audience is most likely to read. You can send direct mail only to neighborhoods that match the demographics of your audience. You can hand out flyers at events that attract large numbers of potential buyers.

Supports your digital marketing

Print marketing can be very effective at enhancing your digital marketing strategies. For example, placing QR codes or other interactive features on flyers, posters, and ads can drive traffic to your website and social media platforms. Print marketing can also include free download offers to encourage people to engage with your brand online. When used together, digital and print marketing provides a powerful way to build brand awareness and drive more sales.

High response rates

Most importantly, studies show that print marketing drives results. For example, the response rate to a piece of direct mail marketing is 37% higher than email. Postcards generate a 4.25% response rate, compared to a measly 0.1% for email. According to Inc. Magazine, people spend an average of 30 minutes reading their physical mail. In contrast, they average a mere 11 seconds reading an email. This data is what can convince any management team to adopt print marketing strategies.

Print marketing tools you may not have considered

A key element of print marketing is using the different materials to keep your business top of mind with your target market. One good way to do that is by providing them with unusual print marketing pieces that stand out from the more common ones. 


Advertising posters can deliver marketing results in many different ways. They offer a wide variety of sizes and design options. They can be used to communicate different marketing messages, such as introducing a new product or announcing the grand opening of a new location – anything that gets people thinking about your business. 

Posters create high visibility while providing long-term exposure. They allow virtually unlimited creativity in terms of design and use of color. They’re also very economical, yielding a high return compared to newspaper or magazine ads. When bought in large quantities, some posters can cost as little as a few dollars each. 

As with any print marketing, keeping your poster message short and focused will yield the best results.


Mailing Service Postcard for a pet groomer

If you haven’t used postcards to market your business, you may not know that they make a very cost-effective print marketing tool. As with posters, they allow for a lot of creativity to catch the reader’s attention. They enable you to reach a large audience at a low cost. Postcards can also be more effective than traditional direct mail because people don’t have to open an envelope to read it. 

Postcards are most effective with a very short, concise message. 

– Announcing a sale or special promotion. 
– Moving to a new location or adding another one. 
– Reminding people of seasonal specials. 
– No matter the message, always include a call to action.


Other than bookstores, most businesses don’t think of using bookmarks as a marketing tool – making them all the more effective. Many people are avid readers, and they’re always looking for attractive, durable bookmarks to mark the page where they stop reading. 

Bookmarks are cheap to print and can be sent via direct mail or given away with every purchase. You can make them as simple or as sophisticated as you want by using high-quality paper or putting tassels on the end. Given their limited size, bookmarks work best for brand awareness campaigns. Often, all you need is your company name, website address, contact info, and a tagline or short call to action. Every time someone picks up their book to read, they will think of your business. 


For a print marketing tool that keeps your company in front of customers 365 days a year, you can’t beat a calendar. They’re especially effective business marketing materials because people consider them useful rather than just a promotion for your business. Calendars can come in all shapes and sizes, including wall, desk, and pocketbook. Choose from different binding options to create your calendar: Spiral Binding, Wire Bound Book Printing, or Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing.

A print marketing calendar should contain information about your business- but not be overly promotional. The idea of this tool is to build brand awareness more than to drive a sale. Design your calendar in a way that your target audience will find attractive to look at and display where others can see it.


Stickers are another often-overlooked print marketing tool. They offer a unique and lasting way to present a marketing message as they can be affixed almost anywhere.

They’re perfect for people who are real fans of your business or product and will proudly display a sticker on their car- or somewhere else other people can see it. 

Most stickers just have the company name and logo.But with larger sizes, you can include a tagline or call to action to turn them into highly personalized marketing materials. The key is to make the sticker something a client or customer will value, something they will want to display because it looks cool or associates them with a business, an idea, or something else they value.


Woman looking through a perfect bound printed catalog

Catalogs are making a strong comeback in the world of marketing. They can offer as little or as much product information as you want. People love to receive catalogs in the mail, and they will read them again and again. 

Most importantly, catalogs often have more influence on purchasing decisions than advertising on TV or on websites. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Postal Service, 75% of those who responded said catalogs increased their interest in the retailer’s products. More than eight out of 10 said they purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog.

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Lawrence Chou is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Printivity LLC. As founder, Lawrence Chou grew Printivity from a self-funded startup company into one of the largest online printing companies in the United States. Today, Printivity serves the entire United States through its main production hubs in both San Diego, California and Lyndhurst, New Jersey. In 2018, Printivity received the Inc 5000 award for "Fastest Growing Companies in America" for the third time. Before starting Printivity, Lawrence Chou attended UCLA, majoring in Economics.


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