Why Should I Print a Catalog for My Small Business?

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Many people start a small business and contact Printivity looking for small business catalog printing services. Often times, people start their small business and look for a catalog as a means of advertising their products.

What are small business catalog printing services?

If you’ve started a small business selling products but you’re unsure of how you can advertise those products effectively to your customers (and potential customers), you might want to consider catalog printing.

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A printed catalog is something that every small business should use to advertise their products. They can be left behind when you meet with clients or given to distributors. Telling someone your website address clearly won’t be as impactful as handing them a printed catalog with your products inside would be.

Why should I print a catalog for my small business?

A printed catalog gives your customers the ability to hold something tangible in their hands and see your products up close, without the barrier of a computer screen. There’s no internet connection needed, no words to type, or browsers to start.

Plus, people can read your printed catalog and then go on your small business website and place their order that way. They’ll save time navigating your website this way, and they’ll also know exactly what they want to buy when they open your site.

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Once you’ve decided that you want to get a catalog printed for your small business, contact us today! Our customer service team is standing by ready to help you get the exact catalog you need for your small business. You’re in good hands with a customer service team that holds a stellar reputation for service and quality. Call us at 1-877-649-5463 and we are ready to answer your questions!

Plus, if you’re in a rush to get your catalog printed, Printivity also offers the famous Rush Critical Shipping Option. Rush Critical is the absolute fastest online printing service available in the USA. Orders are generally printed and shipped same-day/next-day. If you need your catalog printed and shipped fast, you need Rush Critical.

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