What is Variable Data Printing?

One of the questions we receive at Printivity fairly frequently is “What is variable data printing?”

Variable data printing (VDP) is an automated process that allows you to create specialized marketing campaigns of the same printed product.

Instead of sending a generic postcard or booklet, mail a beautifully designed postcard or booklet with specific information that is relevant to the recipient of the direct mail. You’ll get more responses with this type of marketing campaign because it is more personalized to your recipient.

Imagine creating a direct mail project that gives the appearance that it was specially made and printed for a single recipient. But was in fact sent to hundreds or even thousands of recipients. This is what variable data printing is able to accomplish for your business.

Variable data printing is mostly about relevancy. The more relevant your data is to an individual, the more likely your marketing materials will resonate with potential customers. This will increase the probability that you will receive a responses to your marketing campaign.

What kinds of variable data printing are available?

Variable data printing exists in lots of different forms. But it’s most widely known as existing in the form of postcards and brochures.

Variable data printing can be done on virtually any type of printing project. This includes mini posters, perfect bound booklets, saddle-stitched booklets or printed catalogs.

Printivity has the software and capability to turn your variable data printing project into a reality.

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