What is Variable Data Printing?

Tri-fold brochure, post cards with direct mail address information

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 12:27 pm

One of the questions we receive at Printivity fairly frequently is “What is variable data printing?”

Variable data printing (VDP) is an automated process that allows you to create specialized marketing campaigns of the same printed product.

Imagine creating a direct mail project that gives the appearance that it was specially made and printed for a single recipient. But was in fact sent to hundreds or even thousands of recipients. This is what variable data printing is able to accomplish for your business.

Variable data printing is mostly about relevancy. The more relevant your data is to an individual, the more likely your marketing materials will resonate with potential customers. This will increase the probability that you will receive a responses to your marketing campaign.

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What kinds of variable data printing are available?

Variable data printing exists in lots of different forms. But it’s most widely known as existing in the form of postcards and brochures.

Variable data printing can be done on virtually any type of printing project. This includes mini posters, perfect bound book printing, saddle stitch booklet printing or printed catalogs.

Printivity has the software and capability to turn your variable data printing project into a reality.

Use EDDM or Direct Mail to connect with your customers using one or both of these types of variable data printing.

Mailing Address

Probably the most common use of variable data printing is adding customer addresses for mailing services. This type of VDP is simple. The same design will be used for prints, and the only difference is the customer’s name and address. Your printer has the correct programs to insert each name, so all you need to supply is the product’s design and mailing addresses.

*Pro Tip: you will need to add a white box or specified section for printing addresses. Before creating your design, talk to Printivity to walk you through proper design tips.

Custom Design

Instead of sending a generic postcard or booklet printing, mail a beautifully designed postcard or booklet with specific information that is relevant to the recipient of the direct mail. Go above and beyond by incorporating elements into the design for each recipient. This will make each customer feel special and connect to your content more. You’ll get more responses with this type of marketing campaign because it is more personalized to your recipient.

The simple use of this type of VDP is to add custom discount codes for each customer. You are not only bringing customers back to your business but are able to track and create data for future campaigns.

Contact Printivity for your variable data printing project

Contact us today to get your variable data printing project up and running at a great price! Printivity has the reputation and capability to handle any variable data printing project for you.


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